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  1. pitbull behavior
    Hi all, Sorry for the long post! I'm a new owner and want to make sure I'm doing this right: I adopted my new 2 to 4 yo pit mix on Saturday; he has to stay 20 minutes away at my parents' house until I move in late July to a place that doesn't have breed restrictions. Normally I would have...
  2. Pictures
    Myself working with Alexa: Always with the tongue..... Myself and my two babies (I have a third now but he will be added into a photo when he is completely in shape) I love this girl and her nonstop energy and drive I love my big goof too awww sharing So pretty
  3. Pictures
    I was hoping to get some better pics than this,but the dogs weren't cooperating lol.Thanks for looking!
  4. Pictures
    I've had these for a while and just finally uploaded them.This was the last time I let Pretty Girl and Fatboy play.They started not getting along during this time,which Pretty Girl started.I think she was just acting protective over the boys,she always loves jumping with them.Normally Fatboy...
  5. Pictures
    The babies had some fun outside today with "Mr. Rabbit" who is now deceased (RIP Mr. Stuffingless toy rabbit you were a good toy... Lol) and i took pics! Rudi won Mr. Rabbit and decided to show off by rolling all over him So Ozai didn't like that, so he started another battle! My...
  6. Pictures
    I know i just posted a thread not to long ago, but i took some new pictures and had to share Cali is very water crazy i tell you, bear on the other hand not soo much, he prefers to be dry an cozy :rofl: Water gurl :D
  7. Pictures
    Ok well someone told me to take pictures of the whole body :) ( you know who you are :P) and well, here they are. Bear has been biking with me and i tell you he makes an excellent bike dog and still using the flirt pole too :D My favourite picture of him like this Kinda getting muscles...
  8. Pictures
    Bruno lives, eats, and breathes for tug.So it's only natural he'd teach Beia. He even SHARED! This is amazing! He doesn't even like me touching his tug toys. LOL~ Bruno likes to take his paw,and whack her,so she lets go. LOL. He's such a jerkface. Did someone say TUG? The ferret...
  9. Pictures
    Ok, so we got a new puppy Rebel, Hes defective! Hes only 7 weeks old and he flys off the couches like hes superman, throws down with the big dogs and get sasses at them!
  10. Pictures
    Brando and our shar-pei Penny Lane playing in the field near our house. We keep their leashes on just in case they start to wander, or make a break for it. I can outrun either of them so i'd much rather grab for a leash than dive and tackle them!
  11. Pictures
    this is a couple different days of pics here.. the water hose ones are from today
  12. Pictures
    So we only got a little bit of playtime in the yard and then it started to rain :( Here's a few pics of my Dosia today :D Ok throw it got it :D Good boy waiting patiently for the ok And Go!!! And a silly smile :D Thanks for looking
  13. Pictures
    I thought i share the pics with everyone!!!! We love playing with Flirtpoles and flowerpots thanks for looking think she is tierd now lol
  14. Pictures
    Tex and Lola playing in the warm sun today
  15. Pictures
    Here's a couple of pics of our Pearl, hope you enjoy! We're so proud of her, she used to be scared of everything, now she's a camera hog. Every time I try to take a good pic of her, she shoves her head right up there. She looks skinny in these pics, but she is built like a little cinder block...
  16. Obedience Training
    soooo!!!!! my first post was all about how insecure i was about chyna playing with kenya. UPDATE: chyna plays WONDERFUL with kenya, i think i just needed to get used to the rough-and-toughness of the play. NOW HOWEVER!!!! i am a little worried about KENYA! ok so this is how it goes down. they...
  17. Pictures
    Just a few pics of Ceaser and Rain playing. It was raining so they had to play in the house. I' GONNA GET YOU SUCKA CEASER STICKING OUT HIS TONGUE i GOTTA HIM MAMA Alright time to pose for mommy...so she will quit sticking that camera in my face..lol!! Let me go sit near him,,I know...
  18. Pictures
  19. Pictures
    lol muddy 15 year old amstaff scooter lol my ole lady and jake
  20. Pictures
    My pit & my son like to play tug of war together. (I cant seem to catch it on pictures but my son likes to put the toy in his mouth & pull on it like the dog) lol http://a98.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/102/m_172143bab41842a0d1ef210f4cffab31.jpg...
1-20 of 20 Results