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    It was nice out so I let them run about :)
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    Sunday morning sun bathing. Onyx is @35lbs and ruby is @9lbs. They are pretty much inseperable
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    Here's a few pics of the boys cuddling on their outside spot :) We were BBQing and they were trying to be super cute so they'd get some too :) Mmmmmm are those are steaks Dad :woof: We'll smile for steak :) Thanks for looking
  4. Pictures
    alright so it has been a couple of weeks since I posted pics, I think, lol, but I thought I'd share some random pics with you all. All three of these pics are the three girls I watch, I have been watching them for three years now, they are like my own nieces, matter of fact that's what they...
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    ok so I had company yesterday, it was the first day with sunshine and no rain, so I let the dogs out for some fun. So here ya go :D Watching the girls play with Demon - making sure everything is ok on the side of the house - And this is him watching us all play, cause Orion is out, lol. -...
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    WOO HOO, so it took me two days to get decent pics of everyone in their brand new collars that Uncle Chris from Liveropool sent us, but omg My dogs ROCK these collars, they are sooo sexy and I think they look best on Demon, Phoebe and Penny. But Orion and Phoenix look just as handsome, I have...
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    Alright so I got all brave and loaded up my three nieces and the five dogs, hahaha NOT at one time, but the three girls were first, then I loaded up Phoenix,Demon & Phoebe, then I took Orion & Penny. So it took me three trips to do this whole thing :D Jeez I was sooo tired yesterday when i got...
  8. Pictures
    Two peas in a a pod..... Dotti the only Red Kangaroo on the ranch lookin good! Cute baby Spider getting a fly..Awww
1-8 of 8 Results