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  1. General Discussion
    If you don't have a laser pointer I suggest you get one. I came home from work last night and my girlfriend said that she got a laser pointer for the cat, but watch how the dog reacts to it. The dog went insane. I have hard wood floors, so I tried to keep her on the carpet and with in a 5x8...
  2. Misc. Dog Activities
    Hi, I have been researching Laser Pointers and dogs ever since I discovered his LOVE of playing with them! Positivepetzine.com, reports that some dogs develop serious “obsessive- compulsive” behaviors known as stereotypie. Also some people claim its OCD in dogs. The symptoms I read is once...
  3. Misc. Dog Activities
    Since it is a rainy day - I've been trying to find some fun things to do inside with Josey. My daughter suggested doing some training with a pointer stick. I'm searching on line and can't find any info. All I have done so far is teach her to touch the end of the stick (using a dowl about 3ft...
  4. Obedience Training
    Can I use a lser pointer to play with my puppy? are pitbulls more liekly to get obsessed with it? or will I be ok?
  5. Pictures
    i talked to someone, i think it was a vet who said get a laser pointer for my dog. HOLY COW! he is going nuts, i got it last night and it was non stop for over an hour. I got tired before he did check it out.
1-5 of 5 Results