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  1. General Discussion
    Please DO NOT buy or use any Hartz product, especially the flea/tick items...they can kill your dog. The world lost a good dog today. Lucuis' brother was a happy sweet boy and one heck of a hog dog, his owners did not deserve to have their dog die. They were just trying to protect him like any...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Well Zero does not have poison Ivy...He had a reaction to flea dope..He's still chewing on himself and is rather itchy however the vet said he should be okay just not to use any flea treatment on him... Does anyone know of anything else that will keep fleas from feasting on him? I use garlic in...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Hey everyone! While outside a few days ago I noticed on the lower end of my back yard(along the fence line)there's a crap load poison Ivy...Its been a few days now and Zero's itching like a mad man(some spots are a little raw due to it yes I called his vet but he cant see him until...
  4. Pictures
    We had no training today at Working Pit Bull Central so Poison Ivy got to go nuts for the hose! It was a nice 80 Degree Easter Sunday out here in SoCal.
  5. Health & Nutrition
    Laboratory studies of ingredients in seven popular flea and tick control products reveal adverse health effects in all animals tested. The effects of these well known and aggressively marketed products range from convulsions, body tremors and labored breathing to thyroid cancer, brain lesions...
  6. Pictures
    Here's a few new ones of little Miss Poison Ivy. I was playing around wih Photoshop the other day and here's what I ended up with.
  7. Pictures
    That's right Miss Poison Ivy turns two today. She was born on Friday The 13th 2009. I can't tell you enough on how wonderful she is to have around! She's still got her winter weight on. Photo shot yesterday.
  8. Pictures
    She is a daughter of GR CH Zorro X GR CH Rage... at 7 weeks... with her sister... here she is almost 3 months old... when we went fishing... and just the other day.... nooo she isn't spoiled... sheesh....lol And finally... Ivy's hated enemy Peanut....
  9. Pictures
    Here's a few photos from today. Miss Ivy is officially 40Lbs! Haven't been working her much lately. Earl is almost 5 months old and weighing in at 28lbs.
  10. Pictures
    Thankfully I still have one left. Here are a few shots of Ivy on our lunchtime walk today. She's 15 months old and weighing in at 41lbs.
  11. Pictures
    Miss Poison Ivy turned one year old on Saturday. I can't believe she already one. Of course the little psycho was born on Friday the 13th. Here's a few photo I shot on her birthday.
  12. Pictures
    The old point-n-shoot doesn't work to well for action shots on a clowdy day, but oh well. Here's a few of Poison Ivy today she'll be 11 months old on Wednesday and she's weighing in at 38Lbs.
  13. Health & Nutrition
    My pup ate mouse poison...why we even had it idk...evidently my Mom put some under the deck years ago..and somehow a bit of it made its way to a place where my pup got it. We called the Emergency Vet they said to call Animal Poison Control..we did..they told us to give her peanut butter and 3...
  14. Pictures
    Little Miss Poison Ivy is almost 5 months old and weighing in at 22lbs. She's a real piece of work and quite a handful. We can't get over how quick she's growing. I hope it slows down I don't really want another dog the size of Lux. Sorry I haven't been on much lately, but the new job is keeping...
  15. Pictures
    Here are a few photos from the battle royal that when on for over 20 minutes this morning. They were having a blast! Sorry for the poor image quality but my point and shoot is crapping out. Ivy turned!
  16. Pictures
    Here are few photo I shot today of Ivy. She's 10 weeks old and weighing in at 7Lbs. Her and Lux are now doing great. She can't stop chewing on his face and he just lets her.
  17. Pictures
    Well we don't acceptance, but we do have some level of tolerance. They got off to a rough start, but Lux is warming up to Ivy. We can walk them together behind my office with no problems. At home they have to be very closely monitored because Lux is still a little over powering. We're making...
  18. Pictures
    Well we picked up Poison Ivy. She's eight weeks old and weighs in at 6lbs.Here are a few shot from this morning. She's got a super great personality very adventurous . The introduction with Lux did not go as planned. Most dogs that I've introduced a pup to usually don't want to have anything to...
  19. Health & Nutrition
    well, looks like my lil angel is being tormented by poison ivy on her underbelly where thes not much hair. is there anything i can do? i kno in the wild they would have to tough it out but seems like maybe i could get medicine for it nowadays, well hurry and tell me what to do! thanks
1-20 of 21 Results