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    OMG you have to play this game lmao. Read the dialog after the battles. I think the game is hilarious in it's self. Warning Violence-Both Pokemon and Anime were harmed in the making. Thats PETA for ya ;) Pokmon Black and White Parody Game: Pokmon Black and Blue | PETA.org
  2. Pictures
    YES! More traditional art! It's been 3 weeks, but enough is enough haha. So i slipped in some traddy Get it? Traddy? Tradition--....oh never mind. I drew Metagross, you know...Pokemon's Metagross? Mhmm. You know those pokemon that you train up from an egg? Then you put them in your party to...
  3. Pictures
    Hey everyone. I was looking through my art box and found two old pieces of art i'd like to show you all. Plus, i'd like to show my last piece i did for a friend who lost his Doberman. So please leave feedback. Thanks ;) Latest piece: and here are the two old pics of art i found lol. (done...
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    "Im a spammer"
1-4 of 4 Results