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  1. Pictures
    :) by a mean yeller boat!
  2. Pictures
    Hey everyone, since I'm back more often now, I thought I would post some pics of the black dog! The gf and I took Whit to a pond not far from the house for some swimming and play time. This is a fairly popular place to take dogs for water fun, so I always keep my boy on a 20ft lead. Enough...
  3. Pictures
    I got my long line a friend of mine made in the mail today. Have any of you ever worked with Biothane? I bloody love it! Biothane is very strong, has give, doesn't need to be broke in, doesn't hurt the hands as much as common leashes, and to clean it you simply dunk it in water. :love2: It's 50...
  4. Pictures
    OU Duck Pond (THE REAL ONE) Some Pics of last weekend when Hillary was here.. We went to OU campus (live on it) and took Chino to the Duck Pond. Poor little guy, none of the baby ducks would play with him HAHAHA CHECK OUT THESE PICTURES FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT! This is Chino chillin looking out at...
  5. General Discussion
    God bless you all :thumbsup: Steve
1-5 of 5 Results