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  1. General Discussion
    Does anyone have experience dealing with their dog barking non stop if someone goes in the pool? She loves to swim but will bark excessively if someone goes in the pool. If we bring her in the pool, she will swim and be fine but if she gets out, and there are still people in the pool she goes...
  2. Pictures
    Heres our pup Karma about 5 months old hanging out after playing in a kiddie pool for the first time Sent from my SM-G925P using Tapatalk
  3. Pictures
    Since it was pretty warm out, i allowed cali to have her pool time. She loved it like always :) waiting for me to remove the covers off the pool Finally LOL
  4. Pictures
    Fun video showing how much fun Cali has in the pool :) she would make a great dock jumping dog I think
  5. Pictures
    Yes Cali finally has a pool lol, she loves it a lot as for bear, he's a scardy dog. Thought I update you on my dogs here's some pictures,,, first she had to test it out lol she approved after she all done, she one happy gurl
  6. Pictures
    tennis balls have to be one of the most durable things around"]http://[URL"]http://
  7. Pictures
    its funny.. she would snap at the balls when they came past her.. lol.. i thought she was gonna jump up there after them
  8. Pictures
    Gracie flipped out today when I put fresh water in her pool. :)
  9. General Discussion
    I've seen people put out one of the ankle deep plastic pools from wal mart for their outside dogs during the summer. Is this a good idea? My two both love water and I'm sure would enjoy having it during the day when they are on their chain spots but just curious if anyone has had any bad...
  10. The Family Room
    I just love his precious face New goggles Brayden with his friend Jack at the pool Partners in crime My little fish Practicing holding his breath
  11. Pictures
    Hey everyone! I was having a bbq yesterday with family and had to go to K mart for some charcoal, I saw a kiddy pool for like 7 bucks so I figured Sasha would like having it while we were all eating delicious human food(She got a bully stick). Here it is, I am very glad I read the instructions...
  12. Pictures
    Here's a couple pics from the other day. Hard to believe she's gonna be a year on 27 May! Gonna have to take a bunch of pics on that day! "Mom, it's really a little too deep for me to lay down in!" Sunbathing! Her stomach got a little pink! LOL!
  13. Pictures
    Here are just a few random pics of Dozer and his little, older sister Poptart cooling off in the pool.
  14. Pictures
    PANDA DOES! Daisy wont touch her little feet in it! :woof: Fishing for the ball! Daisy investigating his tail hehe. I love my fattie muffin. Ahahaha she looks so happy and he looks like I ruined his pool party with the camera Getting ready to run.... Look how fast hes going lol...
  15. Pictures
    We had another nice day finally. lol So the boys went out and jumped in the pool :D Crushing a gatoraid bottle Marley with his bone Thanks for looking :D
  16. Obedience Training
    Im new to the forum so i dont know if this has been posted before but my pitbull wont stop drinking from my pool! He thinks its his personal oversized water bowl. He has a water bowl outside and one inside and they're always clean and refilled daily but he prefers to drink out of the pool. Im...
  17. Pictures
    Dad I want to go in pool for a swim lets hop in! THe car still lookin clean in the snow
  18. Pictures
    Belle hid inside the whole time... but Rudi didn't mind! bear loves dirty water (it WAS clean... but they rolled together in the dirt and then got in the pool ;_; ) rudi is a big girl now lol dirty puppy clean, but still mad at mom for the bathtime thanks for lookin :D
1-19 of 27 Results