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  1. Obedience Training
    Puppy has been doing pretty good with the house training. She usually goes outside instantly which tells me she's been holding it in. Sometimes I don't time it right and she'll go inside. Outside she's been peeing instantly, on the sidewalk or middle of the street(car's drive often). The poop...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    This afternoons poop was pretty normal looking except for some thick mucus spread throughout. Josey has been acting fine all day - two good walks - eating normally - playing. Any insight on this. Obviously I will be checking the next one and probably call the vet tomorrow. I did do a search...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    I'm thinking about switching my dog to a new dog food because his poop seems to always b runny. So i'd like some advice on which dog food i should switch him to so his poop will b solid. Also i'd like for him to gain a little weight from the new dog food. So basically i want the dog food to b...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    My 5 month old pit POOP smells really really bad and she farts alot kinda funny but not. what can I dooooooooo!!!
  5. General Discussion
    Hope I didn't offend anyone lol. So I am at work, I get a nice view out the front door across the street of a small park/sitting area, the bank just past that and a flower shop beside that and a small rental house. There is a young couple that lives there early twenties and they have this...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    So Remy just pooped liquid. She had one bm this morning that was kinda runny. I just took her back out and she had a diarrea bm and then she kept trying to poop, but only drops of a clearish liquid were coming out. I know she didn't eat anything non food because she just doesn't do that. Last...
  7. General Discussion
    i changes ricos food from caidae chicken and rice to diamonds chicken and rice due mostly to canidae's change in formula adn how rico did on it. i wanted to go with a less costly food and decided on diamond chicken and rice. for the last 5 days or so i have been giving him only a quarter of a...
  8. General Discussion
    I know I seen a thread on this, went back like 5 pages couldnt' find it.. Anyway took my dog out today for the first time ever I caught her eating her poop!!!!! I was really upset with this. So I was just wondering why a dog would wanna do something like that. Also, what can I do to prevent...
  9. General Discussion
    i have a 10 month old female.. and she has a thing with eating poop if she finds it out on walks or in the back yard from my sisters chiwawa, she even eats her own poop!. i guess im just wondering why she would be doing this wen she has a bowl of food to eat out of. :flush:
  10. General Discussion
    i saw that little turd of a puppy munching on... well a turd. i went threw the same thing with rico. i swear to god rico is teaching this pup all his bad habits
  11. Health & Nutrition
    hello again everyone i forgot to put this post up earlier, i took kane on a walk today and afterwards i let him run a little more in an open field but he likes to sniff out goose poop and eat it! any suggestions on how to stop this madness!!!?
  12. General Discussion
    so every saturday i take kenya hiking to get some good excersize, well is was raining. she had this look on her face like "i dont care LETS GO!" anyway, i ended up taking her sunday morning (it was fresh from the rain and muddy i thought she would love it) well we went up and saw a few people...
  13. Pictures
  14. Health & Nutrition
    first i would like to say thanks to all for this site you pack it with alot of info.so heres the scoop,get my puppy and got him on purina proplan chicken,he eats three times a day about 40%wet 60%dry,so when i first get him his stools are runny and im thinking cause he is switching over well...
  15. Health & Nutrition
    i have been giving my dogs raw meat diet in the a.m. (only once a day then kibble at night ) for about a week . there poop is real runny . my little dog is about 4 months old and my older one is about 5 years . this is what i feed them 1/2 to 3/4 cup ground beef 1/2 pureed vegies (green beans...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    Does anybody else's dog eat cow or horse poop? There's a big field by our house that has cows and Boo is always trying to eat the poop. My brother's girlfriend who lives on a farm said her dogs eat it to. Will it hurt her? And what makes dogs want to eat it? Also Boo has been killing birds...
  17. Health & Nutrition
    Ok this may sound nasty but does the color of a dog's poop mean anything?
  18. General Discussion
    Question about my pup and his poop :) Ok, I have a 8 week old pup that has been eating perfect and alot. He drinks plenty of fresh water and is extreamly active. My issue is he has direaha from time to time. This has only started in the last week but sometimes he has regualar poop and...
  19. General Discussion
    came home from work today and rico finally wwentr poop. he ran full blast from his crate to the backyard where he pooped. then he strarted pooping blood. jesus, his eyes is getting better but now hes got blood. it wasnet to much but any at all worries me
41-59 of 60 Results