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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Does anyone have experence on this Dog food. One of my dogs has skin allergys and im trying to find a good food for him. Ive been using Nutro Lamb & Rice for a couple of months, but not the results I was looking for. Im trying to find a good brand at a decent price. Blue Seal is local to me and...
  2. Raw Foods
    I got a raw pernil bone(upper pork leg) with some meat still on it. Is it ok for her to chew/scrap the meat off? I don't feed her raw and this will be her first raw meat. She is 16 weeks. Is it ok?
  3. Pictures
    Okay alot of these are fuzzy because we couldn't figure the camera out at first... I know I need to mow my grass... I never feel like taking pictures when the grass is really mowed lol. HAD TO... Cree Cree Potty break Pig's got the jumpin' down Cree Cree tries, but...
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    Got a text from a buddy today to come and visit. Sent me a picture to motivate me, IT WORKED!!!
  5. Pictures
    Smokey getting a preview of his Bday feast. I gave him about 8 pork ribs the next day (Had to let them thaw out, LOL)
  6. Pictures
    Finally got some new shots last night of two of the three dogs. Here's the photos that actually turned out decent! The first one i lied about decent pictures, but I still thought it was funny. Doug and the dogs were wrestling and Jarvis and Pork clangged heads...here's the split second after...
1-7 of 8 Results