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  1. Pictures
    Been a minute since i've posted anything of the dogs.. Dre and Daisy were in a photo-op mood this morning.. Diesel hurt his paw trying to go for the GSD on the other side of the fence earlier so he's crated.. little bastard
  2. Pictures
    to show off her new early Christmas gift Ella's Lead collar and leash set from Grammy. This is our second Ella's Lead set and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. Veronica feels like a starlet! (Of course right after picture taking she threw herself down in...
  3. Pictures
    For those who don't know... <3 Bodacious <3 is a nominee for the 2012 Hero Dog Awards in the Therapy Dog category dressed up in red white and blue showing her American Pit Bull Terrier Pride. Please spread the word & vote for her daily at: Hero Dog Awards :: Contestants THANKS!!!!! If anyone has...
  4. Pictures
    It was still light out when I got home so I took a few shots. Forgive the iPhone pics lol. That and Nizmos all black 4 ply's came in ;-) along with Blue's eye is much better. This is one of his best stacks I've gotten from him.
  5. Pictures
    Apparently this must be a mastiff thing, huh? "Diz how we'z sleepiez' round here!" Slubber munster pose! And of course, the Bud man and his tennis ball. He adores his Kong squeaky tennis balls.. lol! He looks like such a puppy here too.
  6. Pictures
    I tried to get some still shots of him. I'm still working on him slowly. Slow and steady wins the race - On to the pics I woulda loved this pic if he would have kept his head still Let's go back to the car !!
  7. General Discussion
    I need ideas on new poses to draw my APBT drawings, Rascal & Friends, and a lot more of my drawings in! My mind has been running dry since i've been sick with a cold and could barely sit up without getting a harsh headache. So i gotta turn to my trust worthy friends. Also if you can, please post...
  8. Pictures
    What a transformation Bernie has gone through, I am very pleased with how the boy is turning out. Temperament is excellent, he is extremely obedient and submissive to me, my fiance and the little devil you see in the back. I couldn't have asked for a better best friend. He is not the most hyper...
  9. Pictures
    Patcheeno and Bodacious Strike a Pose! [
  10. Pictures
    Cause mine can!! School Picture time, Elbows up please.
  11. Pictures
    she makes me laugh , especially when i see how big shes getting. this was last week http:// this is tonight http://
1-12 of 12 Results