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    The last pic he was in the front yard eating the grass Sent from my iPad using PG Free
  2. Pictures
    I took some shots today after our walk :) Looking mastiffish on this pic lol
  3. Pictures
    Post pics of your dogs poses- I think this will be a nice thread to have- I'm sure we all have a bunch of pics and dont want to start a thread for every pic lol I'll start
  4. Pictures
    I really like both of these pictures.
  5. Pictures
    He loves to pose for the camera
  6. General Discussion
    Rescues/Shelter – WARNING – Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Southern States. In Wisconsin everyone should START with checking backgrounds on the free online WIsconsin Circuit Court System web site (takes like 20 seconds per person): http:/ /wcca. wicourts. gov/index. xsl From – Midwest Area Pit...
  7. Pictures
    My little babies are getting so big! Took the pups out to the yard today to play with the flirt pole. They had a LOT of fun. Buddy turns 6 months old on the 21st of this month, and Bailey turned 5 months on the 11th of this month. They are getting huuuuuge! lol. Enjoy! Bailey Buddy -...
  8. Pictures
    She is getting the hang of it. at 4 months every date on all my pics are wrong...obviously lol grr let me know
  9. Pictures
    lol model shot
1-9 of 10 Results