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  1. Bullies 101
    How do you feel to the Bully standard size opposed to pocket and micro?
  2. General Discussion
    if you are a free member can you still post pics? and if so how
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Hi forums! First post here. I got Taro about 3-4 weeks ago. She's now around 13 weeks. She's had two previous owners and we bought her off Craigslist. (I tried to get a shelter dog, but the family said they're "too old"). The previous owner had her for about 2 weeks and couldn't keep her because...
  4. Products / Services
    Hi there! This is Sarah, Nizmo's ex-wife, filling in for him while he is unfortunately in the hospital yet again with his crohn's disease flaring. We hope to have him out within the next few days. After the most recent show, Oregon's Own Bully Bash we have a few left over products that we...
  5. General Discussion
    ears Simple as that! Instead of hot glue use super glue for the popsicle stick to foam. Just used this method for Sadie's to get rid of a few wrinkles in the ears. Only took 3 days of it being on then use vaseline to remove the glue as it brakes it down. Takes second to post no tape .easy and...
  6. Ear crops
    my pup is now 14 weeks old his ears where cropped 10 days ago. but after 2 days the knots in his stiches released and i brought him to another vet to get restitched.after they where restitched his left ear started folding inwards.His stiches are going to be taken out in 2days and i was wondering...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    My puppy just turned 5 months old.. About 3 weeks he got his ears cropped.. They've just begun to heal up almost completely.. His ears point inwards and almost lay on his head.. What can I do to make his ears stand straight up? :confused:
  8. General Discussion
    Im fairly new at this, can someone explain to me how to post pics without attachments? I cant seem to figure it out.. thanks
  9. General Discussion
    Before starting your own thread about the most overposted subject on gopitbull.com, please take some time out to search the topic. I guarantee you will find PLENTY of information from previous threads, and if you still feel compelled to state your argument, try to do it on an old thread. The...
  10. The Pitbull Lounge
    I know that everyone likes a good joke and to poke fun at someone from tme to time but lately it seems to me that so many people make a bad joke I'm not sure if they are not thinking about what someone else will think or if their fingures type faster than their brains can think. I would like to...
  11. Pictures
    I had some pictures I wanted to put up of Indi and I use the attachment feature but it's telling me I am exceeding my limit so I deleted some pictures but it's still exceeding..is there another way to post them? Im not good with figuring out url stuff with pictures on here lol. Thanks!
  12. The Pitbull Lounge
    im having trouble posting pics any help?
  13. Pictures
    My 2yr old Annalisa w/ her best friend Cut a 1yr 9mo APBT. They are inseparable...and a photo of both my dogs Ginger a 2yr old APBT w/ Cut Cut as my kids call him....
  14. General Discussion
    Hey How Do I Post Up Heavy pics with out attaching them to the thread or taking them from my album??
  15. Events, Results & Photos
    I am a Knoxville producer, currently working on an independent documentary film about pit bulls and breed discrimination. I've already spent a year and a half interviewing people in the U.S. Off the top of my head, if you have a story about being attacked by another breed of dog, or a story...
  16. The Pitbull Lounge
    how do i put pics on my posts or replies????
  17. The Pitbull Lounge
    Is it okay to post a kennel site in a thread. I ask this because I did it before, and I ended up getting accused of being a troll and "breeder". Can someone let me no asap because I dont want to get banned, but I really want others opinions on these dogs.
  18. Bloodline Discussion
    I'm messing up big time..... I don't know how to post threads.... I'm not trying to get kicked off or put out. or whatever they do but I keep getting warned..... Can anybody take a few secs to help out?
1-18 of 25 Results