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  1. Health & Nutrition
    I have a 22 week old pitbull puppy who has skin allergies. I wanted to try this food to see if the chicken is whats bothering her. Has anybody used this food? would you recommend for a puppy? Below is a list of the ingredients. Please respond with your thoughts. :roll::woof: Salmon, Ocean...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    For those of you who feed Orijen (KM etc.) and are familiar with what the Red Regional kibble looks like, you can immediately recognize that this kibble (bag) I got looks different than their usual recipe. For one The kibble pieces are bigger and much lighter brown than usual. Every Regional Red...
  3. General Discussion
    Ya can't have just one LOL. I should've said bullies but it didnt have the nice ring to it. I just bought another bully possibly 2. I can't help myself I just love them. Her name is Envy. I gotta wait a week to pick her...
  4. Pictures
    My girl just turned 5 months. Took a few pictures of her outside. I think she's a good weight right now and I don't want her fat since I'm going to work her. :( I don't want to exercise her too much though. Any tips?
  5. Pictures
    Kane was looking so wrinkly and smushy, I went a little overboard with pics. :) Awake pictures: Asleep pics (yes, his eyes are open, but trust me, he was asleep. he was snoring up a storm :) ):
  6. General Discussion
    You can just have one :) My new saying when people think they have to get more than one pit bull :rofl:
  7. Pictures
    I couldn't resist!! Here she is, guys. The newest member of the family and Rossi's future wife. Meet Sadie. She's 6 weeks old and already weighs 8lbs. Isn't she gorgeous?? I threw in a few of her and Rossi playing too:
1-7 of 7 Results