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  1. General Discussion
    I think I'm on the brink of making a serious mistake. I am supposed to pick up a 3-year-old (they think) Pit Bull female tomorrow from the Humane Society. She is being spayed. After reading up more over the weekend, I think she may have more energy than I'm ready for at my age. She was left...
  2. BSL Discussion
    MISSISSIPPI RESIDENTS: It is extremely important you make you voices heard to your legislators as well as the sponsors of this bill. Bill is here: http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/documents/2015/pdf/HB/1200-1299/HB1261IN.pdf The bill gives "law enforcement officers" blanket authority to enter...
  3. Pictures
    Here is a few pics of potential new guy the wife and I want to add to our family any thoughts? Good or bad pics of parents and him
  4. General Discussion
    Hi All. I am new to this site and look forward to learning here. Ok so I have a 5 month old male pup and a 11 week old female pup . I need to spay as I dont want any unexpected litters. But what I would like to know what affect it will have on there growth potential once spayed so early. Thanks.
  5. Pictures
    My 18 month old recently started having seizures. Our new pit pup 7week today ) woke me up this morning and turns out the baby was seizing again. She never left her side after. Thank you leela Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  6. General Discussion
    Newb to forum had a quick question about potential rescue Hi there...first of all, I've been reading for a while and this site is a great resource for just about everything! My wife and I, who are both experienced with dogs, are looking to rescue. We've met one special pup who is scared of...
  7. Adopt a Bulls
    Nice little (45 pound) Pit mix (Catahoula?) Nice, drivey little dog. He loves water and is getting 7-10 foot jumps off the boat dock on his first couple tries at it. He would LOVE Dock Diving!!!! Sacramento area. This is a jump from the short side of the dock, from a stand still
  8. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm interested in getting a second dog. I saw 2 at the NYC ACC shelter that I am interested in rescuing. The first is Austin. He is 2 years old and is on the "At-Risk" List which means he can be PTS within 24 hours. He is 2 years old and listed as a Pit mix. The next is Logan. He...
  9. BSL Discussion
    Media-Newswire.com - Press Release Distribution - PR Agency Dog Advocates Ask State Officials to Investigate Potential Tax Fraud by Missouri Puppy Mills A coalition of dog protection advocates has presented the Missouri Department of Revenue with evidence of potential tax fraud in Missouri's...
  10. Pictures
    I cannot wait until we are able to start going to shows, here are a few pics. yeah......no mom, not happening! getting started put some back into it! go! go! go!
  11. General Discussion
    Hey Everyone, First I'll start with a little bit of background, I've been reading a lot of posts on this forum and doing a lot of research about pitbulls for about a year now, I like to think I know my stuff. I am looking to get a new pitbull puppy but need you're advice. I am a 19 year...
  12. The Pitbull Lounge
    So I was off today and I went and looked at some houses for me and jon to buy at the end of this month. Well I found one that jon really likes aswell as I. It is about 2000 Sq Ft 3 br 2 bath hardwoods in the master concrete tile int he kitchen and living room it has a stone porch with 2 car...
  13. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey, I'm hoping you guys you can help me out with this. It's a question i could never find a clear answer to on the web. First off I am thinking about buying my first dog in about a year, and I've wanted a pitbull forever. I love training dogs and having a dog with boundless energy so I believe...
  14. General Discussion
    I'm going to meet this girl tomorrow. She's urgent and scheduled to be PTS tomorrow. The rescue I'm working with called and put a hold on her so I me and Layla can meet her. She is about 6 monthes old (maybe younger shes very small). Only weighs 20lbs. By the looks of her she looks staffy...
  15. BSL Discussion
    Potential Pit Bull Ban for South Sioux City Oct 16, 2007 11:09 AM CDT "I realize Pit Bulls are the most aggressive of the breeds but they're trained that way and my problem is I think they should go after the owner rather than a specific breed of dog," says South Sioux City resident, George...
1-15 of 16 Results