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  1. Pictures
    Went to a show today, with the Canine Bodybuilding Association. It was their first show, and it was a bit of a cluster****, but there were a lot of dogs, and most of them were shorty bulls, am bullies, and other bulldogs. There were about 11 APBTs, and Indie got best female, and Reserve best...
  2. Pictures
    Since James and Jayna already made their way on here thought I should share some photos of my babies Panda and Buehrle!! I had such an awesome time!!!! We managed to get a new title and some points for another dog!!! I would like to take the time to share some of the pics my friends help take...
  3. Pictures
    So.. Indie did GREAT! Here are her jump distances: Splash 4- 7'2" Splash 5- 7'8" Splash 6- 8'6" Splash 7- 8'10" Splash 8- 9'1" annnnd.... Finals! 9'7" New Personal BEST! She placed SECOND in the Novice Division Finals! I'm so psyched! :) Here are the pics!! (some by me, some by James, some by...
  4. Pictures
    mostly pics of the crew i hang with . they wer dock diving today . brock practiced but wasnt that interested. pic 1 is brock and his brother burley ( its spelled different) pic2 brock and his sister indie pic3 indie jumpin pic4 indie again pic5 jen lupo's girl " ton80's bamboo delight" aka panda...
  5. Events, Results & Photos
    Hello Everyone I was wondering if anyone from the board was going to be going to Premier this year? Deb
1-5 of 9 Results