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  1. General Discussion
    Glad to be a part of this forum. After 10 long years of wanting a presa canario I am finally the proud owner of a beautiful 10 week old brindle male presa canario puppy. I have to say I am a little disappointed not in the dog but in how over hyped these animals are, maybe I AM a little...
  2. General Discussion
    Artemis De Guardian Bull is the newest addition to the Vigilant Kennels family. She is 9 weeks old Sire: Macho Dam: Sereena My mom & Artemis 1st night here just off plane! Her with the mole skin to have some nice ears soon :) Thanks fit checking her out Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  3. Events, Results & Photos
    Hello All Thought I would post the results from the past weekend for the Presas Friday showing Conan won Male Champion Saturday showing Conan received 2nd in CH Xade received 2nd in CH The Judge liked fat sloppy oversized Presas Sunday Working Event Xade received all her DCCA CCFs Here...
  4. Schutzhund
    Hello all Truly sorry I have stayed away from the forum but I am doing my best to come back... Just wanted to share some videos of my pup out of my litter from Conan De Warsney & Xade De Warsney (Presa Canario) Anabis De Vigilant @ 10 weeks old First time at training Watching another dog...
  5. General Discussion
    Here are a few photos of our BH trial on November 13th 2011. I truly love her focus ....... :pupruns::pupruns: FYI... I am moving back to San Diego California. And if anyone lives on my way back that would love to meet up on my trip back please message me... My route is gonna be - St...
  6. Schutzhund
    Just wanted to post that me and my Presa female Xade received our BH on November 13th. Here is a photo of us with the Judge and our medal ... I will have some photos of the heeling soon .. Deb
  7. BSL Discussion
    Killer dog breed banned in NZ Published: 2:27PM Friday August 19, 2011 A dog that is bred for fighting has been banned in New Zealand. The Presa Canario has killed people in the United States and is already banned in Australia. It is used in the Canary Islands for fighting. Local Government...
  8. Pictures
    Hey everyone A presa friend of mine in Spain made this for me today so I thought I would share. Hope you enjoy
  9. BSL Discussion
    Dog Breed Banned An import ban has been imposed on the fighting dog breed perro de presa canario under an order approved by Parliament last night. The breed is commonly known as presa canario, and none of the dogs are known to be in New Zealand. Associate Local Government Minister Craig Foss...
  10. Pictures
    I shot this when I was out with Dan and had to share
  11. Pictures
    Well here is some photos of the Fawn Presa's @ training .. I finally found a Schutzhund club here in Missouri Xade @ 10 Months Xade didnt have any protection work done yesturday as we did work with her in Obedience. She was being a goofy puppy. Conan doing defense work If anyone...
  12. General Discussion
    I have done tons of reading on the breed, I am just asking if anyone here actually owned the breed and what they can tell me about it. I am going to look at a 8 month pup in a rescue org that is up for adoption. According to the resuce org, the pup was sent to be euthanized because it was...
  13. General Discussion
    ~*~ Conan De Warsney's ~*~ This past weekend my boy received a title that no one else in our breed has received. (UKC) UWPCH = United Weight Pull Champion Carpet was new so dogs were not pulling good, as there was to much slippage. Conan pulled 2153 lbs completing his 100 points and...
  14. Pictures
    Hello All Here is my Presa pup "Belleza" And my newest addition Staffie Bull "Lady Tituba" aka "Tato" **Sorry for the bad pictures but I could not get her off my leg to be able to get a nice photo** Enjoy Deb
  15. Pictures
    Ok, well i have this poll going on on different websites, i wanna see ur guys' opinions. I rescued sammy from the pound when he was 6 weeks old, now he is 3 years old. He is a great dog, loving, protective, loyal, intelligent, and athletic. The only problem is i cant seem to figure out what he...
  16. Pictures
    This is Zoe, my girlfriends Presa Canario. We picked her up on 29th Dec 07. She is currently 4 months old. 18" Withers, 35lb. Lovely long legs and very agile. She is already wary of strangers, but loves the family. Typical of the Presa breed. She is already hopelessly in love with Bradley...
  17. Pictures
    Well, I got to get photos of Conan & Belleza training today, by the time we got to Drago it was getting to dark for photos so he will up soon. Conan finally coming out! Belleza and her new decoy! Conan was to fast for the camera man LOL This is our up...
  18. General Discussion
    What are your thoughts on the breed? I've been researching them a little bit, still have alot to do. But the boyfriend and I might think about getting one. (After the learning process. ) Just wanted to know your guys thoughts on the breed thanks. - Chrissy -
1-19 of 21 Results