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    Show Your Pittie Pride During Project Blue Collar's #Pittie2020 Photo Contest Support The Underdog! On a mission to educate the world about the awesomeness of rescue dogs, Project Blue Collar wants you to "look" at Pitbulls in a new way. Rescue dogs are certainly a special breed, and many...
  2. General Discussion
    Anyone have their dogs ears cropped by Southern Pride Pits in Georgia?
  3. General Discussion
    I love this video.. one of the best Ive seen..
  4. Pictures
    Ryker pulled 515lbs (weighed in at 48lbs) for a first in the 50lb class and fifteen points. Ryker says, "I'm done! It's cold! The sled is FROZEN!" Panda Moot44's Change And Lorler's Howie.
  5. General Discussion
    Here's the word... I've been talking with Ulysses about it for the last month or so... It's sad to see one of the good dudes left leaving these dogs... Well.. crap.. here's the link and you can read it for yourselves. ::::::ISLAND PRIDE BULLIES IS STEPPING BACK:::::: - The Elite Edge American...
  6. General Discussion
    This is on the back of my truck... I get a lot of people shaking there heads at me as they drive by or walk by. Not sure if it's due to the pitbull pride or due to me driving a gas hog or both. But I could careless what people think. It's all about the Pitbull Pride!
  7. Health & Nutrition
    anyone used the sportsman's pride premium dog food?
  8. General Discussion
    I was told Cash was Colby and Gator. Not for sure though.
1-8 of 9 Results