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  1. Vendor Deals
    Amazon Prime Day is ending at the end of the day, but the deals keep coming. We have seen great deals on everything, including TVs, watches, Roomba vacuums, coffee, watches, you name it! Yes, we know this is off-topic, but we wanted to share some of our favorite deals, because regardless of what...
  2. Vendor Deals
    The most wonderful time of the year has arrived- Amazon Prime Day has us giddy with excitement! Here are the best deals we have found (at the best prices and with record shipping speeds) that our fur babies need. Unless you live under a rock (and hey, no judging if you do!), you know that the...
  3. Pictures
    A place that I can both share and record Max's progress. I just introduced him to a treadmill, WP harness, WP harness w/chains. I think he needs more weight, (I've transitioned him to eat a raw diet and am still figuring out how many lbs to feed him). Pictures from today (4/5/15):
  4. General Discussion
    This is my son....hes 12 1/2 now...these pics range from 1-3 years old. The tri was from a red nose female bred down from RBJ to am old school bully...we did not even know about bullies then...lol. My boy is line bred/inbred Plumbers Alligator...sdr reg...comments welcome.
  5. General Discussion
    Please vote for Optimus Prime (Pluto) and Daisy!!!! Kim is a member here but new to how to post so I am throwing this up to get her some votes!!! Great American Photo Contest - Your Favorite Photo Could Win $1000 This Month!
  6. Pictures
    Here's the first real pictures I've posted of my APBT. He is right at 7 months old. He is Razor's Edge and York. His Sire was 70 lbs! Axel is 42 lbs at 7 months. I am hoping he doesn't get quite as large as his Sire, what do you think? Does he look like he is getting enough exercise and...
  7. Pictures
    Just wanted to share some shots of my boy he has come a long way since I got the warm infested emaciated pup. Here is some pribe rib for the dogiies =) Patiently waiting for the release command, note that Bernie always knows to go for the plate on the left no matter what.. when he is done he...
  8. Pictures
    I got some new pics of him today. Boy has he grown up! Look he finally grew into his ears tho lol.
  9. Pictures
    Well its been really rainy out so we have been letting everyone play indoor and I got some cute Mommy/daughters pics :) Bumble Bee snapped at Mae over the toy and hurt Maes feelings:( Optimus Prime now named Pluto Him with his Grandma... She just loves him , but it is really her sons dog...
  10. General Discussion
    Well I had been talking to a lady and her son from Sacramento about Prime and they came to meet him today and he of course wowed them with his adorableness and he went home. They are exited about the shows too so they will become out with him to see about this showing and weight pulling stuff...
1-10 of 18 Results