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  1. General Discussion
    AS I mentioned in my introductory post, Allie barks at almost all dogs. Things have changed for the good. She ignores all the small yappers and dust mop digs. Just a quick sniff and she goes on her way. ( on a leash ) Some large dogs she just does NOT like . I am keeping track of her barking at...
  2. General Discussion
    We are making progress with Angie. She smiles now which warms my heart. We went to our last LARPBO training three weeks ago. She did o.k. Odin was having a really bad day. Mr gentile was having major dog aggression to everyone's surprise. Angie was being unruly so one of the trainers took...
  3. Pictures
    So I made a thread for Gems weight loss, but never did for Deuce. I wasn't sure he would do to well with exercise because of his shoulder, which is one of the main reasons he got so over weight in the first place. Well I am pleased to say that he has done great, and we have had zero problems...
  4. Pictures
    So i figured instead of making new threads every time i'm bored or bruno does something, i'll just do what most people do and have his own progress thread. This is Bruno, he was born December 15th, 2013 and we got him at 7 weeks old on super bowl Sunday. about 6 weeks Then i lose track on...
  5. General Discussion
    This is my first time posting a video and using VideoBam so I hope it embeds properly and displays correctly! All the video's are fairly short (under 1min). Edit: Updated vids to Photobucket.....VideoBam blows. First video is her at 3ish months. The rest are at 12 months and then 13 months...
  6. Conditioning
    Hey guys, I am three weeks into conditioning Roxy. Blue has been conditioned already but hes not a mutt like Roxy is. I know this may be genetics, but I want to make sure I am giving Roxy a fair chance at getting into the best looking and best shape she can be. The pics are at the bottom of this...
  7. Pictures
    All of the pictures prior to Lucy's homecoming are courtesy of Angel :) @ birth 1 week 2 weeks 3weeks 4weeks 5.5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks And finally, she is 11 weeks today:
  8. Pictures
    Disregard the cheesey bordering (I couldn't find an app to post 2 pics side by side). I'd say she looks damn near identical since she was 3 months! :pup:
  9. Conditioning
    I thought I'd make a thread to follow Silas during his time getting conditioned. Now, he's a lazy boy so he doesn't like to do flirt pole or spring pole (I'm still trying to find something to entice him) but he LOVES long walks and playing fetch up and down our stairs. Aside from that, he plays...
  10. Pictures
    Photos start from 10 weeks. Currently she is 5-1/2 months and 35lbs. And yes, we go to bars alot lol. And here's Luna today at 5-1/2 months
  11. Obedience Training
    Here's some slow progression of puppy training! She gets so excited and all ADD on me and sometimes acts like she's never learned these tricks before. Anyways, here it is - she's only 9 weeks old. Learning to Roll Over - YouTube
  12. General Discussion
    I know I haven't been around for a while, but I thought I'd let you all know just how well my little cutie is doing, cuz, you know, how can I not brag a little... :) We got Phantom enrolled in an AKC Star Puppy class. He absolutely loves it! He doesn't really get to play with the older dogs...
  13. General Discussion
    Well first let me say hello to everyone. I have been reading an checking the site here for a a few weeks since I noticed all the idiots an bad moderators at a unnamed pitbull chat forums I previously used. I have got this beautiful 1/2 pit bull- 1/2 white german shepherd. Mother is a white/brown...
  14. Pictures
    Well since it's 85 degrees here....it's time to get my fat lab back in shape. So I started grinding her into shape about 3 days ago with lots of walks, light drag weights, and running her up and down a hill with her in a harness pulling. I've cut her food down to what she should be eating now 4...
  15. Pictures
    tyson has been on a new exercise program and new diet its been right around a month. her are some befores and some now and then just an update on izzy.. i know her ears are crazy.. :roll:
  16. Pictures
    7 months
  17. Obedience Training
    o.k. i got my little boy Onyx a week before i thought from a miscalculated welping on my part. to the meat of the post. on the third day after the majority of my pupp sleeping he bagan to show a good movement of energy. so i began to take advantage of it. after three hand signals for sit...
  18. General Discussion
    I know it's not the best chain in the world, but I've used them in the past with him and he's NEVER broken one ever. So I trust it and I shouldn't have to worry about tangling due to the fact that it's attached to a zip-line. And if some of you remember he was attached to a cable and I noticed...
  19. Obedience Training
    well rico finally kicked it up another notch last night. he did everything i wanted and a little more!!. first his obedience was top notch, did a group twice which he did great on. a couple in motion sits and downs which he nailed. then we went on to the protection work... well he finally came...
  20. General Discussion
    well between the nutro and using vinegar to neutralize the urine smell i am making some progress. that makes 48 hours with no messes :clap: its like they woke up one morning and said you know what lets make joe's life a little easier and damn im thankful
1-20 of 22 Results