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  1. Pictures
    Here is a video of Magnus working the flirtpole....It was a hot day so he isnt putting out full effort but it shows just how far he has come.
  2. Pictures
    so here they are... first off a wink for the ladies AHH get it off me!!! lmao drake was not amused now the other two
  3. Pictures
    Here are some of the dogs. Bogart: The ugliest mutt you will ever see @ 1yr and 40lbs even Taz going out to Potty (We were out in las vegas on fathers day. Taz went with for socialization and to play with my Grandmothers GSD Trigger) Ok, I have to hurry out the door right now..PHOTOS...
  4. Pictures
    Had all weekend but both of them are difficult to get pics of because the only time they're still is when they're asleep or going to sleep. Anyway this is what I was able to get that isn't too blurry to see.
  5. Pictures
    Introducing .... JUBILEE. Also known as Jubi, Juju, and Jujubean. :) Here she is in her ex-pen (which I have to fix to put piddle pads underneath the entire thing): Here she is wandering the house under close supervision of me and Kane: And no, I don't know what my hand is doing in...
  6. General Discussion
    I posted recently asking for ideas and information for a research paper I am doing for one of my classes. The assignment was to pick a subject that is contraversal and has been for some time. The deal was I had to be fair basically. I chose the American Pit Bull Terrier obviously. Anyway...
  7. Pictures
    He is a little on the skinny side. He weighs 62 pounds. I can feel ribs in him still so i have him on puppy chow to bulk him up a little bit. Just got him yesterday from a awesome family who just couldnt take care of him but enough talking...on with the pictures....The golden in the pictures...
  8. Pictures
    Blue training for a hunt. a pheonix rooster a hen
  9. Pictures
    :doggy: well here they are turbo is the tan 7mo and diesel is the white spotted 18mo .they are both energetic and playfull this is our first time having pits .it has been trouble free for the most part we sure enjoy the companionship and loyalty that this breed gives... and do u guys think turbo...
  10. General Discussion
    Here are the pics of the new borns as promised.... I have more to load tomorrow but let me know what you think there are 7 in total.. So what do you think???
1-11 of 14 Results