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    Haven't posted much lately so I figured I would share two of my young prospects. First is Southern Inferno and Heavy's Rampage at 6 months 62.5% working Hemphill/Wilder OFRN. 37.5% Chavis. ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [352352] :: SOUTHERN INFERNO & HEAVY CHAIN'S RAMPAGE Next is Southern Inferno...
  2. General Discussion
    Ive been on a couple of kennel sites that had the word "prospect" come up. So what Im asking is what exactly is a prospect?
  3. General Discussion
    Well we just got back from looking a two litters of puppies. Yess we arelooking at a new addition which should give us the foundation onwhich we plan to base our yard and future bloodline. It comes down to two dogs both out of proven parents. Both have ADBA Ace of Ace dogs in the pedigrees so...
1-3 of 3 Results