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  1. General Discussion
    The dog days of summer are here and it's getting hot out there. But did you know that your dog needs protection from the sun just like you do? It's true - the sun's exposure can be dangerous and deadly for your pets. If you're armed with the right information, you can make the summer safe and...
  2. General Discussion
    Before I begin I just want to say I'm not speaking of APBT, AmStaffs or AmBullys. I don't view them as a dog that should be used for PP work for many reasons. The dogs we're looking at are Presa Canarios, working line Neo Mastiffs, or Bandogs with a high Neo/Presa content. Possibly a Mal. That...
  3. Misc. Dog Activities
    Maybe im in the right place didnt see protection anywhere else!! I was wondering if anyone works there dogs in protection or knows someone who uses apbt for protection work? I'm really interested in obedience an protection work!
  4. Pit Bull Legal News
    First in the state! This new law took effect on Nov 1, 2012: http://www.gopitbull.com/bsl-discussion/44810-ma-s-2192-animal-control-humane-law-enforcement-reform.html and now the first dog in the state has been granted a restraining order! Marshfield dog is first in state to win domestic...
  5. Events, Results & Photos
    PSA Trial - K9 Working Dogs - Texas Saturday December 1st, 2012 8:00 AM Sunday December 2nd, 2012 8:00 AM Judge: Greg William Decoys: Phillip Beauvais, Wade Morrell, Jeff Riccio Trial location: Tip Top Arena Riding Club 5139 Glenn Ct. Forest Hill TX. 76140 Registration: 8:00AM PDC $55.00...
  6. General Discussion
    I have been wanting to see if a couple of the crew can do protection work, but have not been able to find a trainer that is within a reasonable distance ( and works APBT). Well tonight I found a GSD breeder HERE IN TOWN that just started having trainers come out once a week for OB and...
  7. General Discussion
    I had mentioned in my last thread that dixie is really sensitive and gets scared easily. When anyone comes in the house or knocks on the door she growls and barks until they come in and then she is all smiles. However, every once in a while someone will be in the house that gives her a bad vibe...
  8. General Discussion
    Just wondering if any of you guys use your dogs for protection and if so, if you could share any information about it. ANYTHING. What you use them for, how you train them...Im just really curious about it honestly. THANKS
  9. Pictures
    Meeko and my youngest Riley China and Meeko we went rollerblading at the park pls excuse the girly harness lol
  10. Pictures
    Hey all, Just wanted to throw up some pictures from the last few days that I took. They got some Christmas presents, and have been silly these last few days. I've been off from work all last week and this week, so its been nice being able to spend time with my dorks. :) Anyway, PICS! 200 lbs...
  11. General Discussion
    So when I was at my managers office,talking about the dog problem,from my last thread. Bruno's little buddy (2 year old little boy) Was so excited to see him,so his Grandma let him go say hi,but then when she was going to take him away,he threw a fit,and got a spanking. As soon as the hand hit...
  12. Misc. Dog Activities
    I enjoy watching this guys videos but watch at about the 3 min mark LMAO too funny :rofl:
  13. General Discussion
    I am interested in doing some protection training with Bullet, but I'm not sure how to get started, or if it's even a good idea. He is a year and a half old now, is this too late to start? Do you have to have some kind of license or certification to own a dog that is trained to attack on...
  14. Schutzhund
    Name: NANA Age: 2 yrs old Bloodline: 2x inbred ICEMAN ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [80036] :: EKK/ CGK/ IRONJAY DOUBLE ICEMAN BREEDING
  15. Events, Results & Photos
    Paul Cipparone(Ring & SchH trainer) is putting this on. it should be a good event. Events,working dog,seminar,freestyle,schutzhund,protection,decoy,canine good citizen,CGC,
1-15 of 30 Results