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  1. Health & Nutrition
    My dog it's taste of the wild that has 32% crude protein but my friend keeps telling me to try Victor because it has 42% ... Is more better? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Raw Foods
    Does doctor b or big dog barf, have enough protein for a pit/bully, it's only 16% but was thinking of switching, probably after my boy becomes an adult dog, because the feeding suggestions for puppy vs adult is basically double, which would be very expensive, I don't always have fridge going, as...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Ok so I have a 8month old pup , which I've started feeding rice and chicken livers/necks/giblets to with other various vitamin supplements added in the mix , just curios to find out what the ratio of protein to carb I should give him for good puppy to adult growth ? Like how many parts protein...
  4. Pit Bull Legal News
    Read more about the Unique Protein Diets That Benefit Your Dog's Wellbeing at PetGuide.com.
  5. Health & Nutrition
    I got my puppy almost a week ago and the breeder has had his litter on Bb wilderness grain free puppy food and that's what he came home with which if my mind serves me correctly it has like 36% protein which I have read multiple articles before I got the puppy and after most say something like...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    I got a female 5 month old pitbull today. Shes about 15 pounds and this concerns me. She extremely small and her hips, ribs, and spine protrude slightly. Im not sure if I'm just use to larger pitbulls (the male I have is 7 months old and about 80 pounds) or if I should actually be concerned. Im...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Hey everyone. I usually alternate bags of Luna's kibble back n forth between Orijen Regional Red and Orijen Six Fish. If she finishes a 15lb bag of Regional Red then I buy a 15lb bag of Six Fish. And vice versa. Well today I went to buy her a new bag and I guess it was my 12th bag so I got my...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    I have a 1 yo pit ( D Bo ) , I'm ready to switch him to grown up food. I really don't know which one yet..... My concern/ question was how much protein does the food need and/ or is there a such thing as too much ? Someone told me not get too high of one b/c it would burn his kidneys up , any...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    Mastiff/pitt at almost 5 months...is there to much protein in this food? He is on Nutri-Source large breed puppy. I have heard that over 20% protein could be to much and make him grow too fast. Crude Protein (Min.) 26.0% 260 g/kg Crude Fat (Min.) 14.0% 140 g/kg Crude Fiber (Max.) 4.0% 40 g/kg...
  10. General Discussion
    How does a dog body breaksdown protein and what is it used for???
  11. General Discussion
    has anyone ever heard of this topic... i have wondered this also since its just like feeding them somewhat close to meat. what do you think?
  12. Health & Nutrition
    What is the rule of thumb after you had a pup knuckle over and now they are reaching a year old and you want to put them on a grain free higher protein diet?? Reason why I am asking is because I have had Bella on the BB lamb and brown rice (22% protein) for the past 4 or 5 months and now that...
  13. Health & Nutrition
    Hey guys, is it ok to give a dog human grade whey protein?
  14. Health & Nutrition
    Took my boy to the vet today due to both of his front paws are slightly pointed outwards (unlike the bad cases of easty westy). He is 5 months as of today, the vet told me to feed him large breed adult food because he is more than likely receiving too much protein. The vet stated the food switch...
  15. Health & Nutrition
    I have an 11mo old lil girl that I feed Professional Brand Rice and Chicken dry kibble. It's 30 percent protein. After talking to some an old guy who has breed and raised **** dogs for 30 years, he said that a high protein food will "burn a dog up". He was saying that when you feed a dog high...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    Hey everyone can anyone clarify to me if too much much protein is good or bad for my apbt she is around one years old. i was reading that the brand "blue wilderness" has 42.0% crude protein. is that good or bad. I've read that too much protein can cause liver problems. has anyone went through...
  17. Health & Nutrition
    is it bad to feed a puppy a high protein dog food... when i asked the vet this question the vet and his assistant literally got into an argument over the question.... any input?:pupruns:
1-17 of 24 Results