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  1. Pictures
    New and thought I'd post some pics of my 10 month old Johnson x Apbt, thanks for looking first one is of when i had first got him at 4 weeks i believe, sadly his mom passed so i got him earlier than i should have. Next two were taken at the beach, not sure how old he was there. And I'm not...
  2. Pictures
    I cannot wait until we are able to start going to shows, here are a few pics. yeah......no mom, not happening! getting started put some back into it! go! go! go!
  3. Weight Pulling
    Well On Sat. We went to a Pit Bull Awareness Event In our Town and Got to Try out The Weight Pulling on our Girl! She did Pretty Well for NEVER having done it Before. Im sure she Will do Great with It with some training. I do Have pictures and Should Have a Video Someone IS sending me of Our...
  4. General Discussion
    BLU we finally got one on the list
  5. Pictures
    So he had his second session today, 4 pulls and did fantastic! The idea is setting in. Soon we will move him to 25lbs and see how he does. We also got him used to being weighed, 33lbs!
1-5 of 6 Results