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  1. Events, Results & Photos
    I was wondering if there's any weight pulling events I can check out in California? Or where I can find out about any events in Cali. I'm really interested in getting my dog started and want to go watch. Thanks Sulley's dad.
  2. Obedience Training
    Just thought I'd share this. This may not work with every dog but its worth a try. My pup would just pull and pull when I brought him for a walk. Choking himself. I tried regular collars and a swift quick correction. That did not work. I tried a choke style collar doing the same thing. Still...
  3. General Discussion
    Thought few of you'd be interested.
  4. Obedience Training
    My Pit bull is almost two years and old and she pulls like crazy, I don't know what to do. I don't wanna use choke collars and anything similar.. so should I just make her exercise a lot every day?
  5. General Discussion
    I'm new to all of this and just got into shows ad well as weight pulling. Out of curiosity hoe many wins or point is needed before a dog can start getting titles like ace champion Gr champion ect...? No I'm not in any hurry to rush my dog into pulls but I was just pondering after my 1st dog show...
  6. Obedience Training
    hi i have my first pit dont really know bout breeds too much but he is 6 months (red nose) when im walking him he tends to pull away his tail doesnt swing like the other pits i see walking unless my kids are outside with us...someone plz help me:confused:
  7. Weight Pulling
    For all those weight pullers out there does anyone have video or pickers of apbt pulling extreme weight amd or what is the most you have heard of a dog pulling
  8. Pictures
    For 15pts toward her UWPCH. My old lady is still workin' her fanny.
  9. Weight Pulling
    I'd love to get my Ivan into weight pulling, or at least some kind of dog sport. Anyone know of any place for training in western Mass? All I can find are rally-o classes, but I'd like something a little more active for him. Thanks!
  10. Events, Results & Photos
    does anyone know of any pulls coming up in or around arkansas?
  11. General Discussion
    I took Conan to the Gloucester VA pull on Jan 12 & 13 In his weight catagory (125) he pulled against American Bulldog Alaskan Malamute Saint Bernard IWPA pulls I went to the last 2 weeks Conan pulled Saturday 1180 lbs (first pulled ever outside) Sunday 1480 lbs Then I took Conan to...
1-11 of 16 Results