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  1. Pictures
    The pups were 7 months 4/11/17, and the owners have all sent me photos. :) Rhodie went to visit Macy at my Mother in Law's house. They had a blast. :) Nalah Liberty, Guarding one of her kids Legacy Odin Maverick Samson Rhodie: PEDIGREE: h2o's Providence Strikes Again
  2. Pictures
    Here's Loki at 1 year 4 months, just wanted to see what you guys thought of him! He's not conditioned or anything but I'm starting wp with him, I just ordered a harness. Here are some action shots! ears (: watching for his ball just now waiting patiently for my dad to walk him...
  3. Pictures
    These guys are growing up so fast! I can't wait until spring when I can really work these guys. I'm very pleased with thier turnout so far.
  4. Pictures
    Here are a few pics taken this morning and yesterday evening. Boy, that lil Phoebe sure loves free hanging already!! Easy enjoys it as well, she has a good bite already. Buck spends most of his time fighting Easy off of him....lol. We are hoping he will man up soon, so to speak.
1-4 of 4 Results