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  1. Pictures
    Gotta get Pyro's fat butt back into shape for the show ring. Fully retired from hog dogging and need to get him Champed out this year. The start of the process.
  2. Pictures
    Pyro Wrath-9 months
  3. Pictures
    My little bittey babies are now 2 n a 1/2 months, oh how time flies. They just recently got a hold of their first roll of toilet paper...:flush: lol
  4. Health & Nutrition
    :( He just broke out like 2 days ago and we weren't sure what happened.. maybe it was the apple cider vinegar.. for the fleas that are hot right now..? But after some research we're pretty positive its pyoderma..poor little guy.
  5. Pictures
    Flametree's Pyro
  6. Pictures
  7. Pictures
    A few pics I snapped yesterday
  8. Pictures
    Here are a few pics I snapped earlier of Pyro messing around on the springpole. I will share the video I got, once I get it uploaded. ;)
  9. Pictures
1-11 of 11 Results