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  1. General Discussion
    Anyone's pittie hate the rain that they stay I bed all day and won't step foot outside even if it's just wet out! Any ideas on how you get them up and exercised on these gloomy days!! :):woof::woof:
  2. Adopt a Bulls
    My step son "adopted" a dog in march of this year from a lady in a van at a parking lot. He was living with his grandparents at the time and moved home today and brought this dog Rain with him. He's decided that she is "too much responsibility" and he wants me to find her a new home. She's on...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey Y'all... So my pups are still potty training, lately they have both been doing GREAT (they were in this habit of as I'm putting the leash on at front door they would squat before I could get them out the door :( much better now though!!) ANYWAYS, here in Maryland it has been...
  4. pitbull behavior
    Hey there everyone! My puppy Axl is about 12 weeks now! I honestly can't complain much about him! He's sweet and wonderful with my fiance and I! He's lovey and cuddly and just LOVES attention! He's completely housetrained (Unless it's raining!) LOL. First, I'd like to see if anyone has any...
  5. Pictures
    I know it's been awhile since I posted so here are some pictures of Rain. She is out of CH Monsoon and is about 10 months now. She may look big in the pictures but she is tiny! About 16" or maybe smaller and well under 30lbs. Doug calls her my Apple head Chihuahua after seeing her at the NM...
  6. Authorized Breeders
    Rain is off CH Monsoon and Terra. She is a fantastic little dog and I hate to even consider a Co-own but I think she would be happier with more attention than having to share with 17 other dogs. She is started in Obedience and can heel, sit, down, stay and her heeling is competition heeling not...
  7. Pictures
    Here is our newest baby she is 8 weeks old and a puppy from Monsoon's last litter. Her name is Rain she is such a cutie! I will take better pictures tomorrow but here she is on her first night with us.
  8. Pictures
    I don't like to buy my animals clothes...But this was to much to resist. Besides,we had a long walk,and it was really wet out. yes,that is how I justify buying this.:rofl:
  9. Obedience Training
    My boy is fully potty trained, but today, it is sprinkling outside, not COLD, but cool, and he is scared of the rain, (doesn't like to get wet) its not the water,because he doesnt mind baths, but when it drizzles, he freezes up and starts shaking... my problem now is that i just tried taking him...
  10. Do-it-Yourself
    Im looking for ideas on how to set up the backyard(budget) so those rainy days wont cover my dogs in mudd and have to shower them every single night. So far im keeping them on the deck which they get a lil wet but wont get muddy.... problem is when they use the bathroom.... dont want the smell...
  11. General Discussion
    Argos and I have been caught out in the rain before (I live in Louisiana; you can never tell) and he seems to enjoy himself splashing about in puddles on the sidewalk and running through the wet grass. I was about to take him out today, and it looks like it might rain again. At least I have a...
  12. General Discussion
    is winter ever gonna go away? i'm ready for the hot weather. it was snowin at 4 am when i left for work. just makes for along day:hammer:
  13. Pictures
    Dosia finally got over getting wet. :) Here's some pics of him doing some spring pole in the rain.
  14. Pictures
    it was so cold yesterday that I took only one shot and we went back inside<3 She was snapping at the water. LOL! had to share this cause it was really cute
  15. Jokes and Funny Stuff
    Well, now you know................
  16. General Discussion
    didnt know where to post this so hope it is ok in this section. Just wanted to know how many peoples dogs hate the rain. Usually my baby girl Nahla will run outside as soon as she gets up just to use the washroom. Today unfortunatley it was raining and as soon as she got out the door she ran...
  17. General Discussion
    and bullies too! what cry babies!
1-17 of 27 Results