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    Ecko was diagnosed with Nasal Carcinoma about a month ago. Florida has one of two veterinary oncology teaching hospitals in the world. UF Small Animal Hospital. The tech they have there rivals most of the local hospitals here in Brevard. They have a linear accelerator. Those things cost like 4...
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    ...... American Bulldog i may be getting ...
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    Took some photos of Blackie turning in to a nice dog to work.
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    In no particular order or reason.. Dancing puppies Bandito showing off the length of his granddam LOL *sigh* Just so hard bein a pup Grip Cyclona Grip.. yes he really is as big as he looks Bear wanted to throw himself at the back door and yelp because the pups had a squeaky toy...
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    First though, a Cleo, because I can't leave my lil' girl out. :p Our daily walk. "Sitting" for his bottle. He's obsessed with plastic bottles. So.. now we save them and keep a stock pile, LOL. Thriftiest dog toys ever! The destruction of a bottle. From the shed to the yard...
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    Turbs all fresh and clean enjoying his house dog time Sporting his custom new show collar from https://www.facebook.com/SassyazzCollarsHarnesses Bear was feeling a little froggy the other day during tug time.. this is him giving his best "bulldog" face Happy Dag :D Bear being VERY...
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    Lol having a hissy fit trash talking at Turbo some more hissy fit Turbs Chea, figured out how to let them tug in the yard without having issues Turbo pig nose my camera takes horrible pictures of Turbo, he is just so black Now for some of just Bear at the park...
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    Here are some pictures of the BFs APBT, Turbo.. Trurblie burbs! 6 years old, getting into shape for the APDR show Him and the mutt enjoying some tug Him and the mutt not enjoying tug Showing off his snaggle teeth lol doing his infamous prancy paws and not holding still at all for the...
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    Jackie had to wish everyone a happy Easter with her smile. First dog i've ever had who actually "people smiled" Just part of the mad gab group of pups at Easter dinner... Jackie and Baby Soooo Wanted on the deck to sample some of the ham Buck, the big ole doof dane mix, was more concerned...
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    took some shots of the dogs over the last while loving this weather finally and cant wait for the tablerock harness to arrive so I can get loki going.
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    1 Dog, 2 dog, red dog, blue dog:)
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    Here are a few random pics of my girls playing outside.It's so hard to get good playing shots since my camera is on a delay.When I come across a moment that would make a killer pic, by the time the camera actually snaps,the moment is over.Oh well. Thanks for looking!
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    all right. we haven't put pictures of the dogs up in a while and a couple people are bugging me lol so here it goes with some randoms. Let's start with a couple of lil mama She's so big now And here's smiley lol Nismo either looks goofy or serious, nothing in between lol And I had to throw...
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    So I've been gone for a while so I thought I'd post up some pics of the boys from the last week. Old man Marley My friends fat pug Fabio Dosia passed out with my brother Thanks for looking :D
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    havent taken any pics of him in a while.. thought id take a few today snoozin lol
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    China and the zoomies The kids My newest addition Pink (she is on the right) Pink and her sister.
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    I havent really posted on her to much but she doesnt ever keep still so I take 100's of pics and can maybe find 3 good ones lol. Nani lol she couldnt figure out the cats. I dont know why hes always got the tip of his tounge hanging out lol crazy cat thanx for checkin us out :)
  18. Pictures
    Okay, come to find out i got the crappiest lense that they make for these cameras, but here are some BS pictures. I haven't had much time to experiment so ya'll are blessed with the first few pictures... Heck, I didn't even delete any!
1-19 of 31 Results