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    Everybody wants something for "FREE"
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    So 2 days ago I walked into petsmart to buy a doggie diaper. Blanca has started her first heat and She isnt doing the best to keep it clean. I planned on getting her spayed after her first heat. However I walked in and couldnt find a diaper size large, so I found an employee and asked if they...
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    So my apologies if this post should go elsewhere, but I am new so please forgive me! haha. I felt the first sting of the bad rep of the APBT breed today. A few days ago, my dog snuck through a hole in the fence that a shitzhu dog showed her a few times a few months back. Since she learned...
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    Some of you guys have ginormous signatures! Yowza. I've been told that Firefox makes everything look smaller, so maybe those that use it don't have the same issue as us IE users. But crimeny, resize those pics. When you've got like 800+ pixels of picture (ether one huge picture or several...