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  1. Health & Nutrition
    I always buy my dog food from a local feed store. For various reasons I've had to switch brands a few time in the past couple of years. I've used Victor which is a local brand. My dogs did good on it but one day wouldn't eat it anymore. Turns out they had reformulated it and dogs were also...
  2. Raw Foods
    Bare with me since I am a total newb and just am anal when it comes to getting stuff right... Ok so as of this past Wednesday night I started Remy on PMR. The research I've done (extensively) says to start with chicken for a few weeks and then slowly introduce a new protein such as turkey which...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    So I've started my dogs on a raw diet about two weeks ago, and they get about 1.3lbs a day (2% of their body weight)..now I'm still learning a lot, but I was running late for work this morning and didn't have time to feed them so I texted my husband exactly what to feed them and how much when he...
  4. General Discussion
    So I adopted my APBT a little over a year ago (she was fixed a week before the adoption)..when I brought her home, she weighed 65lbs, eating 3 cups a day of some weird kibble I've never heard of or been able to find by me. So I switched her to Wellness..cut back a cup after she started gaining...
  5. Raw Foods
    I go camping alot how would i do his raw out there? I cant always have fresh meat out there so any ideas? Any help would be great thanks
  6. Raw Foods
    I have a 85lb pit vary active dog loves to hike,run,swim, goes everywhere with me. I feed him dry food right now but i have done alot of reading on Raw diet. Everyone said it works great for there dogs better health with joints an coat also dental an better poops. I want to know what stores i...
  7. Raw Foods
    hi i need to switch my dog to adult food she is currently on blue buffalo for puppy. i was wondering which adult brand i should switch her to blue buffalo or blue wilderness. and out of those two which type of dog food should i get within the brands name. i would like some real answers from...
  8. Raw Foods
    i'm on day 3 of starting my dog on raw diet. so far so good he loves it. he is eating about 3 chicken leg quarters a day. i'm suppose to be giving him a pound of meat. i'm buying it at about 1.3 lbs for $3.50 ish. i guess my ? is where can i buy this cheaper. its slightly less than buying taste...
  9. Raw Foods
    currently i have my dog on taste of the wild...but i want to get him started on raw diet. anyone know of any good books or websites that talk about raw diet any proven statistics or reliable information about the subject?
  10. Raw Foods
    raw diet for puppies? The way I figure it is if I'm going to be feeding the adult dogs RAW, I should start Miss Piggy on it too. Is there a "puppy forumla" as well as guidelines on the feeding portions for a growing pup?
1-10 of 10 Results