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raw meat
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  1. Health & Nutrition
    So I've started my dogs on a raw diet about two weeks ago, and they get about 1.3lbs a day (2% of their body weight)..now I'm still learning a lot, but I was running late for work this morning and didn't have time to feed them so I texted my husband exactly what to feed them and how much when he...
  2. Raw Foods
    I'm scared my baby is going to die it's my first pitbull puppy , I was putting groceries up and forgot there was a package of meat left in the bag ... I noticed it was torn open and half of 3 patties were eatin will it be okay do I need to do something I'm scared!! She won't booboo and her...
  3. Raw Foods
    I go camping alot how would i do his raw out there? I cant always have fresh meat out there so any ideas? Any help would be great thanks
  4. Raw Foods
    I have a 85lb pit vary active dog loves to hike,run,swim, goes everywhere with me. I feed him dry food right now but i have done alot of reading on Raw diet. Everyone said it works great for there dogs better health with joints an coat also dental an better poops. I want to know what stores i...
  5. Pictures
    I'm thinking about doing the raw meat diet. Any advice? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
1-5 of 5 Results