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  1. Pictures
    A few pics of our big man on the yard (other than Bill the Ambulldog).. They are about the same height though.. Reb just doesn't weigh as much.. When I finally get the papers on him I'd love to show him ADBA.. I got him from Bill Seidenschwarz.. Mr. Bill can't remember exactly how he is bred...
  2. Pictures
    Please excuse the crappy pics,I took these with my phone.I'm starting to condition him now that I know for sure he's done growing and I'm not scared of hurting something on him.We just started so look out for pics in the future as I update his progress from time to time. This is rope he finally...
  3. Pictures
    Here's a few pics I took of Rebel yesterday.Not the best pictures in the world.I was trying to hurry and take a few while we were outside playing so y'all could see him.Few more after these....Thanks for looking!
  4. Pictures
    It's been forever since I took any pics of the dogs so I figured what the hell and snapped a few while we were all outside playing with the kids and the go cart. Thanks for looking and hold on,I have a few more I'm uploading right now
  5. Pictures
    I know it's been forever and a day since I posted pics of him or the other dogs.I'll try to get some of the other 3 this weekend.For now here's Rebel. Thanks for looking and hold on I got more!lol
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    Anybody have any history on this dog or know of someone running a line off of him, we have some dogs this side off him bred to yellow dogs and they have great mouths on them!
  7. Pictures
    Thanks for looking!And excuse any mess you see in the background of these pics.I probably should've cleaned first rather than after taking pics lol
  8. Pictures
    The chance came up to get a beautiful puppy from a great gal so I jumped on it!Meet Rebel.He's already fitting in nicely here,except he absolutely HATES his crate lol.He is adba reg,we plan on, hopefully, doing wp and confo with him.Thanks for looking!
  9. Pictures
    So, Zeus's paw is almost as big as my hand! Storm still doesn't want to stack, But shes getting better and better with agility! Rebel Got his ears cropped and is looking awsome! Now to get that other ear standing where it needs to be :) Xena is awsome! She loves to cuddle and hates being in the...
  10. Pictures
    At sleep and play!
  11. Pictures
    Ok, so we got a new puppy Rebel, Hes defective! Hes only 7 weeks old and he flys off the couches like hes superman, throws down with the big dogs and get sasses at them!
  12. Pictures
    Rebel is about a 1.5 years old, and loves to play....
  13. Pictures
    We were working the dogs today and I thougth I would get some pictures of them now. They are in shape, but not what I would consider conditioned, so these are the before pictures. In a few weeks I will take some more "conditioned" photos and see if I can tell a difference. Rebel----currently...
  14. Pictures
  15. General Discussion
    Falin's Blue Rebel passed away Wednesday April 29 2009 at the home of Eddie and Sandra Falin at 6:06 at almost 14 years of age. Blue Rebel lived in the house by Eddie and Sandra's side. He has produced some awesome dogs and with these dogs will produce many more. I thought I would take this...
  16. Obedience Training
    Hello Everyone - I would like to start off by telling you the story of my little monster/piece of heaven. We adopted Gratch at the delicate age of 4 weeks. The reason for taking him in so young was that he was found by his mother dead body behind a dumpster. He was the only survivor of the...
  17. Pictures
    I thought I would contribute to this new section. My wife got to messing around with photoshop and turned this out!!
  18. General Discussion
    Another kennel friend was at the show this weekend and just sent this to me. See how he struggles to get it out of the hole but doesn't quit trying? This is what I like to see in a dog. Last show he quit, we went home and worked on it, looks like he learned! :) That wasnt his last pull either.
  19. General Discussion
    HE just got bathed for the ADBA show this weekend in Middleburg Va. He just kept stretching out so I went and got the camera. Jessica would talk to him and he would pose!
1-19 of 23 Results