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  1. General Discussion
    The ones outside were this morning, after a light rain last night The one with the hoodie on, is in my sons room a few days ago [emoji4][emoji190] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Any idea what it could be 3 yr old pit, taking him to the vet on the 17th
  3. Pictures
    Here are some more recent pictures of our boy Rampage. He has been through alot and also been by my side. Couldnt ask for a better friend. Going tonight to look for him a companion, so hope it goes good. Oh disregard the floors.. We just had the hot water heater bust and its in the attic. So...
  4. General Discussion
    Took him to the lake.... Frozen lake lol
  5. Pictures
    Hi all! I just realized I haven't posted any Diego here recently, so here you go! He will be a year old in September. :pup: He graduated from his beginner obedience class on August 5th and got first place :) (had to take the picture at home because he got a tennis ball as a reward...
  6. Pictures
    I guess I haven't posted pics since November. My bad. :pup: Here are pics of Loki from sometime during winter to the present. She isn't the most dynamic, exciting subject matter anymore, but that's what happens when you retire. The extent of her activity is chasing grasshoppers and harassing...
  7. Pictures
    Luna is probably between 7 and 10 months(current age) in most of these pictures.
  8. General Discussion
    some pics of recent, as you can see, Conan's been growing fast. When i got him at 8 weeks old i believe he was about 10-12 lbs, seemingly underweight. and i'm only being honest when i say i bought from a BYB (who is a nice guy and keeps in interest in his pups after they're sold-so that's a...
  9. General Discussion
    Lately my pit (mossy, just over a yr old) has been very loving and standing guard a lot. We sit on the back porch and she either wants to be in our lap or she is standing posted up staring at the rd behind our house (her hair is not standing up she is not growling or barking she's just standing...
  10. Bloodline Discussion
    About 6 yrs ago we got a female from michigan that was heavy bred off of Stephanys ch Homer. We bred her to our dog that was a very heavy bred lonzos Danger, great grandson to adams ch zebo. This produced jack a very impressive dog. At 4yrs old we bred him to a heavy bred Jeep girl of my wifes...
  11. Pictures
    Well I feel like I haven't been putting many pictures of Oreo up here for you guys to see, so I figured I'd put a few up today. Snugglin with me Snugglin with mommy Playing with his toy Not sure what was goin on here Oreo & Jayden. They're getting along a lot better now. Oreo's...
  12. Pictures
    It's been forever since I took any pics of the dogs so I figured what the hell and snapped a few while we were all outside playing with the kids and the go cart. Thanks for looking and hold on,I have a few more I'm uploading right now
  13. Pictures
    He added me and this is the one I see of Kandi's daddy... isn't it the cutest?? Kandi acts like him a lot. LOL
  14. Pictures
    I think I got some better pictures today and yesterday.
  15. Pictures
    It's been a while since I had any recent pics up so here you go. Sorry about the state of the yard! Roxy Nitro If they look a bit sad it's because this was one of several very hot days in a row a few weeks ago.
1-15 of 49 Results