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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    The best i seen Sent from my LG-V520 using Tapatalk
  2. Introduction Forum
    im new to this site and would like to share my new pups pedigree,what do you folks think of my crosses? ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [476312] :: ARMAGEDDONS ODIE X 1911 2014 im soon getting a female off this breeding ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [508282] :: NUNGS JEEP X LUCAS 2014
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    is there anyone who considers redboy to be anything but a game dog?
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    sorry for all the threads!!! i was looking through the paper and i called this person who said they have jeep redboy apbt's. im going tomarrow to look at them. can anyone give me some good information on them? and if anyone has a adult one can they post a picture? thanks
  5. General Discussion
    Redboy Jocko Jeep Anyone know history of that partcular line thats what my dog is champion bloodline.
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    hey my name is damarius im new to this so please work with meI have a 100% redboy male and i would like to mate him. what do you think some good crosses would be? i have a bolio jeep female but still would like someone elses opinion thanks
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    would like to know what everyone thinks about the Redboy line. Also, is Redboy an offshoot of the OFRN dogs. I have heard that Redboy himself was a Hemphill dog. thanks.
1-7 of 9 Results