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  1. The Pitbull Lounge
    Happy Birthday man!! I hope you have an awesome day!! Don't kick my butt... I know I was on time, according to the time here on GP, but you'll get this late, lol.
  2. Pictures
    Lugz' new chain... that he hates with a passion Empire and the top of Infinites head LOL Thanks for checkin out the photo dumpin'
  3. Pictures
    Was sitting around the house waiting for the gas man to show up and decided to walk with Empire on over to Inf602's house to visit his litter mate(2minute walk). Snapped some pix while out front. So here he is.... Empire in his 5th month. This boy is SWEET, looking like we might have a pocket...
  4. Pictures
    Picked this guy up from Inf602 last night. He's co-owned with Golden Bully Kennels. This is Empire Oh and Lugz got the mop :mad:
  5. Pictures
    I want photos of the P's !
  6. Pictures
    Managed to snap off a few shots of the illusive "Sweet Pea" and, of course, Lugz was up for a few.....
  7. The Pitbull Lounge
    Better late than never... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :clap::woof::cheers::thumbsup::roll::cool:
  8. Pictures
    Well, he arrived in the Valley Of THe Sun last night around 11:30. I'm so friggin happy! The little guy just lights up my heart. Here's some pics of his arrival and greet with SweetPea. Sorry there are blurry ones, my cam doesn't do well at night.
1-8 of 17 Results