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    So I got my daughter a cat. She was taken to an emergency clinic, as the man who was in custody of the litter was killing the kittens one by one and got caught. Anyway, the family agreed that if we got a cat it would have to be black, very young, and female. Well..... I found her, and couldn't...
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    In light of recent events I figured that I need a new gaurd dog. So I got one. This is Raven. She's an F1 Bandogge. She's a 50/50 of Scotts/Johnsons American Bull Dog and Neo Mastiff. She's 5 months old, whelped 3/7, and already wieghs in at 55lbs. Her dews have been removed and her tail was...
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    Okay, I've been here a few months now and have yet to thread any of our pics. Most my pictures are on my Dell, but it is too slow so I've been running off of our sony... I certainly can't top your photos (especially OFK) but thought I would share any way. I will post puppy pics when he gets here...
1-3 of 3 Results