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  1. Pictures
    9 months old. Bloodlines are chevy camelot/peterson and half avant Thats my best friend in the pics trying to act like a model
  2. History
    He looks no more out of place in the Ancient landscapes of 16th century paintings than he does in the ultramodern setting. It is beyond my capabilities to imagine an end to him, for every generation seems to supply a nucleus of hard core devotees completely committed to the breed. In any case...
  3. Pictures
    Here it is, its kind of big Before and After And a random pic Its dimensions 4' X 4' X 4', with T1-11 siding, it could probably house a great dane, but red likes, we put him a Twin size comforter in it.
  4. Obedience Training
    :)i have a 2 yr old red who i have trained very well, but i am getting a bluenose female puppy in february and is there any kind of difference when training blues compared to reds?:hammer:i honestly have no idea this puppy will be the second pitbull i have ever had, any help from someone who...
  5. General Discussion
    i know this subject has been brought up plenty times already but i need to vent a lil. all i have to say is every where i look everything is about fricken color!!!:curse: i mean our so called "professional" breeders are promoting color!! its all red or blue!! i even heard o people ditching there...
1-5 of 6 Results