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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    I got her at just 8 weeks after she was rehomed or so they said. I saw an add on craigslist and wanted to save her from going somewhere terrible in the ghetto where her first owners were selling her. I never asked any questions about the bloodline or the parents, i was just too excited to meet...
  2. Pictures
    at last the day has come,I know for a few months I have been stalking and pestering you wonderful ppl on here non stop but the wait is over banes home let the fun begin ! e's a pretty good dog, been crate living since birth so he's actually already crate trained right now he's not exactly potty...
  3. Pictures
    The man Tonka is near by. He is a good boy :roll:. His sister is up in Canada taking care of the neighbor kids. :)
  4. Pictures
    Man I love this stuff big brother can I play to enjoy
  5. Pictures
    here is a vid of reign playing with a mini flrite pole i made
1-5 of 5 Results