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    These two make me smile! Just relaxing after a nice walk. :) Berts ears are so funny when they are flipped up. :)
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    Love this girl so much! Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
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    Here is Kobe relaxing in front of the heat vent =)
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    Hey everyone! I know I know, I haven't been as active.. I still lurk during work hours but haven't been posting as much. Here are a couple of pictures of Sasha today while I was cooking a steak on the grill and relaxing.. I'm so proud she finally figured out what the pool was for. This was...
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    Turned into a crazy, mud bogging zoomie fest w/in no time
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    My boy Pacino showing some love to his son! A head shot of that big smile! A Sunday afternoon... Posing for the camera like always...lol Tried to setup a cute picture and all these guys went to sleep on me..lol! A basket full of pups...hah Thanks for checking out my pics! Hope...
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    As soon as the camera comes out he settles down. He was going nuts for the frisbee, tennis ball and tug toys. But he makes a liar out of me as soon as its time to capture a shot.
1-7 of 8 Results