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    Just thought id post a couple pics of my dog Remi (Remington). She's a pit mixed with what we think is mastiff and maybe some share pei and her coat is brindle. She just turned 5 months recently and she weighs about 45 pounds, is that too light? Thanks for looking Her at about 3 months sitting...
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    He loved it
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    Baxtor - Pitbull Remi - Sharpei/Pitbull
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    Picnik.com is the best Thanks MAILE
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    Man!!!!! this thing cost me 16 dollars and 30 minutes of nail and hammer time.....LOL but it was worth it because she loves it...i didnt even have to tease her:woof: She's gonna be a Muscle Head....LOL (jk) :rofl:
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    Ok so we went through several names but the girls and the wife finally narrowed it down and decided to go with Pulldawg's/OFK's High Caliber Remmington, aka Remi! some of the names were OFK's Shotgun Shelly, which I liked. OFK's Mighty Mouse Here are some pics of our new girl! Thanks Pulldawgs!
1-7 of 7 Results