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    This is This is Tango he's a BYB APBT not sure of his lineage but he's a sweetie and loyal to a fault! This lil ball of sleepiness is RTJ's Remi A.K.A Mizz Boss She's out of Tru American Kennels. she is hog dog, chaos Hughzee and watchdog on top and Razor's Edge on the bottom side. she's a...
  3. Bullies 101
    Not sure if anyone has heard yet but the AmBully Remy Martin died according to an American Bully Facebook page. Very sad but at the same time, it has me wondering what he died from. There's no word on exactly what caused his death as far as I know. His death is also posted on the Remyline...
  4. Pictures
    Some new pics of Remy at my dad's bbq. This girl is so well-behaved it surprises me sometimes. Very happy to have her in the family. PS. 2nd to bottom pic we had just gotten back from a long walk to the store, lol. Poor girl needs the exercise though, her stamina's not that great right now...
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    What you guys think 4 months
  6. General Discussion
    My pup is closing in on a year. She hasnt gotten much bigger then the last time i posted but here she is. Remy's headshot Replaced my steering wheel cover and she stole the old one from me lol. Steering wheel cover didnt last 5 minutes btw.. She's goin for the geek'd up urkel look...
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    Anybody got any info on a dog by the name of "Remy Martin"? Supposed to be a direct son of Jaun Gotti? Just curious.
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    so i got my dog from a local breeder. both parents had cropped ears both beautiful but no papers. it really doesnt really matter to me if a dog is or isnt papered its still of that particular breed. alot of people say she is mixed only because of her ears, she is at 7 months and i know its way...
  9. General Discussion
    i got my good camera back from my brother so i took some more pics arent they getting big compared to when i first posted them they both look good but dro is my favorite
  10. General Discussion
    hey people! i am somewhat new i have been around observing this site for a while now. i have been dying to put up some pics of my babies that are now 11 weeks old. i have had them since they were 6 weeks old. tell me what you think of my babies. excuse the picture quality i went out to walmart...
1-10 of 11 Results