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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys , Hope all is well for you. I would greatly appreciate if anyone has any tips on finding a rental in the Bradenton, FL area. I have 2 dogs and one of them is an Amstaff. I have been looking but not much luck. If its not a weight restriction , its a breed restriction!!:( Thanks for your...
  2. General Discussion
    Does anyone know who/where to look for homes that will allow us to have our Pit Bulls in Jacksonville, NC? TIA
  3. General Discussion
    Hello All, I have a 7mo. old pitbull puppy and it has been a discouraging nightmare looking for an apartment. I live in Central NJ and am looking to find housing for the two of us. Due to the stigma of the breed, my loving dog has been the sole reason for me not finding housing. I was...
  4. General Discussion
    :cry: Help I am in california.. I am on ssi.. income of $850.00 a month and I have two dogs, one is a amstaff pit mix..... We are going to be homeless on the 31st of this month june...... I cannot give up my dogs.. they are all I have ...please help.. you can email me at [email protected]
  5. General Discussion
    moving to miami. having trouble finding pit friendly rentals. any help much appreciated
1-5 of 6 Results