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  1. BSL Discussion
    After a dramatic couple of weeks, the Moreauville, LA, board voted, on December 1st, to unanimously repeal the recently passed breed ban that targeted "pit bulls" and Rottweilers. At this meeting, the entire dangerous dog ordinance was repealed, not just the breed based portion. The only thing...
  2. BSL Discussion
    On May 20, 2014, the Dearborn County Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance overhauling their entire animal control code. The changes to Chapter 90 of the County Code of Ordinances was brought about as part of an effort by the Commissioners to better serve the citizens of Dearborn County...
  3. BSL Discussion
    South Bend Indiana unanimously repeals breed discriminatory law After much hard work, officials in South Bend, Indiana, have voted on the new animal control ordinance that includes the repeal of the long-standing breed discriminatory law. They voted unanimously to pass the new law and repeal...
  4. BSL Discussion
    they were meeting to see if they should make MORE restrictions and they ended up repealing the existing laws for breed neutral legislation! Pre meeting Garden City Telegram post meeting Garden City, KS joins growing list of cities to repeal breed-specific law - KC DOG BLOG
1-4 of 4 Results