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    I have a pit bull who does not like any screamimg or yelling either. Animal control picked him up on mar 12th doesnt want to give him back says hes a viocious dog. He has never bit or hurt anyone, but on the 12th he ran out of the gate, scarred a lady walking, she tripped on fell on the ground...
  2. Pictures
    Here is a few more pics of the puppy I took yesterday. just bought her a brand new harness. Also a picture of her super baller custom made doggie bowl. And her super baller custom Doggie Bed.
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    Have you guys been watching this (Futurama season 6)? I missed the first few episodes, just got the chance to watch them last night, and I LOL'ed several times. There was even one point where I had to rewind a few times...Very nice. The voices are slightly different, they're the same actors but...
  4. Pictures
    People have asked me to post some new pics of Co, so we did a little shoot yesterday and I thought I would share Cochise right at 2 years old. All comments welcome.
  5. General Discussion
    She's gorgeous.....too bad she's missing! Jesse James Begs for Help over Missing Dog | TMZ.com
  6. General Discussion
    So some of you oldtimers here at GP may remember Alazae. When the Kennel that produced Mae decided to move and sell all their dogs I took a blue female from them who was living in horrible conditions. They took great care of there "breeding dogs" but terrible care of 2 of the dogs. Alazae was...
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1-7 of 12 Results