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  1. Pictures
    ok So he turns 16 weeks tomorrow! He wieghs about 24 LBS which i understand is a great weight! Either way he is great and beautiful! enjoy!
  2. Pictures
    Well here are the pics you all wanted just took them enjoy!
  3. Schutzhund
    Wayne and Rex earned their SchHB today at Sweetcorn kennels club show under judge Dan Williams. You are awesome.
  4. Pictures
    he is about 20 months old now. still recovering from a pinched sciatic nerve so he has not been conditioned at all
  5. General Discussion
    nothng impressive just thought i would share. taking baby steps, used to harness used to sounds.. now its time to stwp it up a bit.
  6. Schutzhund
    Hes been biting pretty hard but they cant get him to bark, just grouls. i run around the house with him barking at me fine tho. he hates the bathroom door shut in his face wen we play.
  7. Pictures
    28 lbs. ears are healing just fine. he's such a hyper pup. a 45 min walk gets him tired for all but 5 mins and back to hyper mode again. i really need to take him to obedience training. i try to apply what i've learned from here but i need help. the nipping and biting problem is such a...
  8. Rex

    Just wanted to share some pictures of my new pup. He is 12 weeks old today. the day we got him. 8 weeks old. 10 weeks old my boys
1-9 of 10 Results