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  1. Pictures
    Bruiser 5months Rico 1 and a half Let me know what you guys think, Just made my account today and im looking forward to getting to know all of you :)
  2. Pictures
    my big down syndrome dog
  3. Introduction Forum
    hello everyone Rico and Gemini are my buddies... this is a photo of them (kinda out of date)
  4. BSL Discussion
    Hey guys...well, ive NEVER been this happy....an article in the news paper, informes that BSL is OVER in PR!!! Pitbull are legal now... NOW they will ONLY execute a pitbull (or ANY dog) that has biten someone or another animal, & the OWNER will do TIME...im so happy!! lol
  5. BSL Discussion
    IADCRO & FIAPBT -- End the Law BSL against Pit Bull in Puerto Rico. IADCRO & FIAPBT -- Fin de la Ley PPP en contra de los Pit Bull en Puerto Rico. End the BSL in Puerto Rico. -- Fin de la Ley PPP en Puerto Rico. La información en español esta después de la de ingles - The...
  6. BSL Discussion
    American Pitbull & Bully Club Puerto Rico Division Due to the strict and unfair laws of the island, it has been difficult to organize a group that could speak out for our breeds. The time has finally come to get together and fight these ridiculous laws that fines you and KILLS your dog if found...
  7. General Discussion
    i stoped working rico since we found out he has HD. well nakoda ( my gf) is now going to take over weher i left off over a year ago. she is going to start working him towards his BH so she can get some experience until she gets a puppy!!! i am very excited and happy to see her out there working...
  8. Pictures
    My pup Rico he and his brother another white and blue pup are the only pups that survived the litter there were 12 of them they all died exept my boy and his bro that my buddy kept it was horrible.. But thank God Rico is doing great this is him 4 months old and he is 39lbs and super healthy the...
  9. BSL Discussion
    Hi to everyone Im currently living in P.R., I am from Chicago. I got here about 5 years ago...I have three pits now at first I didn't know anything about BSL in P.R. I really didn't even consider they had any laws for animals since I saw them roaming the streets by groups of 15 to 20 dogs, NOT...
  10. General Discussion
    so i figured out how to take video on my crapy camera
  11. General Discussion
    we have a special thing going on at work where we are all dreesing up like farmers, my boss wants me to bring rico in dressed up like a cow to take pictures with customers lol. i think this is a great chance to spread the word about APBT and the false hoods of there HA, if anyone has any info on...
  12. General Discussion
    heres rico dressed as batman
  13. General Discussion
    thats right folks you read corectly wed is doomsday for rico he is ... getting nutered. i fell so bad for the lil guy and.... well i guess his lil guys haha. but hes not going to breed so i guess ill do the responsible thing. poor guy
  14. General Discussion
    http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n132/wheeziewayne/granddog002027.jpg http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n132/wheeziewayne/granddog002001.jpg http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n132/wheeziewayne/granddog002008.jpg http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n132/wheeziewayne/granddog002017.jpg
1-17 of 18 Results