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  1. General Discussion
    This has been making the rounds, didn't see it here... Lots of PB and PB mixes 20 Ecstatic Shelter Dogs On Their Way Home For The First Time
  2. Pictures
    Ralphie and Precious in their riding spots Alexa decided to ride floorboards Ralphie and my man Playtime at my future sis in laws!
  3. General Discussion
    ok so i recently found out that mula loves running around with me while i ride my bicycle. (on the leash attach to me or the bike of course) but anyways. i was wondering how long can i take her out on a bike run for. it seems like she could hang with me for an hour or two. I always have some...
  4. General Discussion
    When he anticipates your moves inthe car and leans into the urns and knows when to put his foot up to brake, lol. ALright so Phoenix has been riding in the car with me since he was a puppy, I have a bit of road rage but have never been in an accident with my animals in the car. I have a car...
  5. Pictures
    Took a trip to Concord Pets today...Maxi's favorite place. Weighed in at 69 pounds on their scale....thank goodness he's finally maintaining his weight. Feel free to post your car ride pics! My big baby... Trying to sneak into the front seat.. Maybe if I give mom kisses she'll let me into...
  6. Pictures
    This is myself and Isaac in a loader back hoe at my mother and father in laws.
  7. Health & Nutrition
    What are the chances my dog will get a tummy ache and the soupy doodoo's when he takes a car ride.. The day we brought him home he got the runny poop for a day or so and after a week he went on another and it seems as if he poop is getting soft again...
  8. Obedience Training
    I always see dogs chillin in vehicles with their heads hangin out or standin in the bed of the truck chilling. I was curious to know how to go about training my pup to like doing these things? I just dont want him to ever jump out... thats my worse fear with lettin my pup do this. Of course hes...
1-8 of 9 Results