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  1. Pictures
    got some new pics; iphone cameras suck. the last one is her arranged bf haha :P his name is Mellow and I believe he is a bully pit. more to come of him soon
  2. Pictures
    born 11/9/2011; first pic is her at 11 weeks the day i got her, the others are just about a week and a half ago. i need to update because this girl is growing so fast! 9lbs in the first pic, about 14 in the others (and she's about 19 now probably at least).
  3. Pictures
    Well guys it's been about 6 months since I've been on. Hereee I ammmm. hah Things have been super busy. With Trevor(Nizmo's) new business, and me a full time student. but here is some pretty recents of riley and Nismo! Cuddling :) Riley doesn't like surprise kisses haha yummy haha...
  4. Pictures
    our big bad petbull and our innicent child ;) thanks for looking :D
  5. Pictures
    enjoy. I will post more of her and Bogart soon. =)
  6. Pictures
    Riley is obsessed with Nismo. he loves him so much. Nismo's the expert child trainer lol. Riley will only roll fully over for him, and now we found out that he got riley to really chuckle. i mean he laughs and squeels for us, but when we play with nismo, Riley cracks up! Riley the petbull wrangler
  7. Pictures
    Figured I would share a crappy photo of Riley's muscles coming back. Thanks to the wonderful eGGe..no thanks to her lazy owner who has panic attacks =/ I feel so bad that i am not putting the time I should in her but I am not right just yet...Haven't really even wanted to take photos lately
  8. Pictures
    Bagbalm worked magic on Riley's paws and they look 100%.(I guess they weren't all that bad) I was applying it two times a day since she came home with rest and some play and they are good to go.. so today..she got the best treat ever! she was super excited about this! Wagging her tail and...
  9. General Discussion
    OMG, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISSED HER SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I will post photos of her tomorrow for you guys when she gets here! :woof::woof: apparently she chewed up 600 dollars worth of stuff and her and Bogart's dam have it out for eachother...go figure HAHA! so she is...
  10. Pictures
    Here she is in her harness and the first ever pull, sorry it was hot out and I only did a pull and video long enough so I could post. I am so proud!! and a video =) http://www.youtube.com/user/rileyrooify?feature=mhum
  11. Pictures
    It came today, though since I am going out to pup and kitty sit my mom's critters the 22nd I didn't want to risk the UPC or FEDEX guys leaving it in the front while no one was home during the day so I had it sent out to Pahrump. My mom is inlove with how beautiful and how well made it is and...
  12. Pictures
    GOT FETCH? "Does a body good." showing off what her mama gave her.:D thanks for looking:woof:
  13. Bloodline Discussion
    So I called the adba and was told I can still get the pedigree for my bully but I need to get a supplemental transfer form since his prior owner never sent for the pedigree and filled the form out incorrectly. So I have to print the form and get in contact with the last owner to do so. Has...
  14. General Discussion
    Today is Riley's first birthday! Happy Birthday my beautiful baby girl. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woof::woof::woof::woof::woof::woof:
  15. Pictures
    (I got bored) Dog who thinks she is the hottest dog on the block. xD That's right! you tell em'
  16. Pictures
    I felt so bad, I was trying to fix her springpole and it ended up too high. I let her play for 2 mins and then I fixed it so her paws touch again. for some weird reason tho she doesn't like touching her forepaws on the ground anymore and she loved it like this she seemed more into it with it...
  17. Health & Nutrition
    Since around 5 am she has been throwing up again and I think it is the brand of food. She has sensitive stomach which is why we had her on SD. So my STUPID question is this........can you give dogs tums to help with upset stomach? or should i just give her pepto? she doesnt have loose stool...
  18. Pictures
    this was taken the same night before she started doing her alligator rolls so sorry if it sucks..no sound it is messed up. (hand signals) 1. down 2. sit from down 3. down stay 4. come 5. high fives 6. speak and down speak 7. Had her release command so she knew she was done and she got her...
  19. Pictures
    Audio is messed up...idk why maybe cause this is my second video? Just mute it. xD and sorry, I haven't picked the poo poo up today yet.
1-19 of 29 Results