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  1. General Discussion
    I just realized that they are in North Carolina and I need to call and check on them. I hope they are far enough inland that they are ok from the Cat 5 Hurricane. Pray for them guys!!
  2. Pictures
    The house dogs acting silly! General Mc Nasty living up to his name! This is how he got his nick name, he sucks on his toys till they are soaking wet and brings them to you to throw! eww! Move over you little Mc Nasty this is my toy! Pit Bull or not that is MY TOY! Mean stupid boston...
  3. General Discussion
    I posted pictures a few weeks ago of Riot letting my puppies nurse on her. She thinks she is a mother and I guess she was right! Well sort of.... Riot has had problems with false pregnancies and has had some issues, Riot will be spayed at some point and never bred for many reasons. She kept...
  4. Pictures
    She is about 10 months old now and still small and skinny! lol Here are some pictures if her and Monsoon playing. Monsoon finally has a playmate, they just love each other! look at those ears! lol
  5. Pictures
    Just weighed Riot and she is 25lbs at almost 7 months! I am going to start a new breed of pocket pit;) jk what is really sad is general drags her all over the floor when they play tug!
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Thanks Shana! lol So i was feeding riot, pig, and cree the same about of food so when they left I kept feeding riot the same amount. Well now that they are gone she doesn't play as hard and I was looking at her and OMG she is fat! She looks like a snasage! I have been feeding her 1cup 2x a day...
  7. General Discussion
    Ok get your thinking caps on because I am never good about Reg. names I need a name for Riot, can you help? I hope I can post this, this is an example of my dogs Reg names Females Thanks!
  8. Pictures
    a couple pics of my dogs
1-8 of 12 Results